Offended by Truth…speak truth anyway!

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words can be offensive

Do you ever deal with folks that are offended by truth?


You love them, use them and inadvertently offend with them.

Words have meaning when truth offends speak truth anyway!

You use words that mean exactly what you mean to say. You’re not good at the whole politically correct walk-on-egg-shells and don’t offend at all costs thing. Truth offends. You speak it anyway. You’re Forthright, honest, intense?

broken eggshells represent those offended by truth

You use language to say what you mean, oops.
Some find it irritating.

  • truth seeker
  • truthteller
  • word lover 
  • intense language

Oddly enough, here are some words that were deemed inappropriate for use, each word was used in it’s exact, dictionary context. And really, this is where you draw a line, – yes, a kinder, gentler, less abrasive you is a work in progress. But you are also a Truth Teller and Seeker. It is who He made you to be. You must be who He made you to be, or really what’s the point?

Are there ‘nicer’ ways to refer to the meaning of these words, so as not to hurt and offend? A way to help veracity not be so irksome?
Let’s try! A way to speak the truth, not offend, and retain honesty?

Offended by the Truth that Gossip is Vexing

gossiping girls

Oh vey, here is a full blog post about this insidious practice that permeates not just our culture as a whole, but specifically Christian and Hebrew Roots cultures alike. It’s ugly. It’s wrong. But, okay, let’s see if some effort is put into making the language less abrasive -.

You could use the words “tittle-tattle, scandal, muckraker, whisperer, hearsay, scuttlebutt”….hmm if you want to stay calm and kind, but need to confront gossip, “gossip” may be the least offensive word available! Contrarily, if the subject is spreading rumors or telling tales, gossip is about as gentle as possible. Consequently, if the use of the word gossip displeases others, perhaps the cause is internal.

Honesty can be vexing, no doubt. Be honest anyway. Regardless of those who are offended by truth.

The words Shun and Shunning give offense

Being a fan of Amish literature – such as Beverly Lewis writes, I’ve often jokingly longed for a ‘Messianic Amish” fellowship! Little did I know I was soon to be the recipient of one of the most shocking Amish practices. Being shunned. But, here we go again, this is offensive to those who have chosen to shun us. Guilty consciences are easily affronted by the truth. I could say they avoid us, eschew us, steer clear of us, shy away from us, have nothing to do with, reject, freeze off, ignore, or spurn us. I could say they gave us the brush off…. that sounds pretty gentle – but in truth, shunned is without a doubt accurate. Speaking the truth anyway.

Call for a boycott on a boycott

Let’s see, can one person boycott? Can twelve? If you choose to be a part of an agreement to protest something or someone via a punitive ban, is using the word boycott a suitable description? The truth pointed out in clear English is what offends here. Boycotting is offensive when it is personal.

But, sure, we could say as a group, they chose to withdraw from our company or fellowship. We could say they refused to participate or cooperate with us in any fashion. That they have washed their hands of the offending party, snubbed, shunned, or turned one’s backs.

Wrong doers are frequently offended by truth.

when truth offends speak truth anyway

Manipulative is Insulting

Yikes, this is truly the less offensive choice for describing someone who is being disingenuous in their speech – especially when making untrue accusations.

Alternatively, scheming, calculating, cunning, crafty, wily, shrewd, devious, slick, unscrupulous are your other choices…

Are these word choices offensive when used correctly in context? Others offended by truth? Send it forth regardless.

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4 thoughts on “Offended by Truth…speak truth anyway!”

  1. I think a lot of people gossip to try to “fit in” or to try to take the attention away from their own actions!

  2. I agree in part, however, we are called to speak the truth in love as well, right? So when choosing our words, even more important may be our tone and actions in dealing with someone who has been manipulative, a gossiper, etc. Otherwise, when we speak we be the ones getting labeled…judgmental, intolerant, etc.

    • Thank you, Ammie, for pointing out that this is an incomplete post! You are absolutely correct. I’m going to schedule this one for an update that is more thorough. I really appreciate it!


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