Book Review Build Self-Discipline with Martin Meadows

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Build Self-discipline: How Embracing Discomforts Makes Life Better

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Building Self-Discipline is an important component of our healing journey. When we build self-discipline we are able to recover from our pain much quicker. Because we possess the tools to help us use self-control of our minds, body, and emotions.

Meadow’s brings a fresh breeze into the self-discipline book market. Firstly, he is concise, non-fluffy, direct and to the point in his style. Meadow’s books are truly a relief for the weary.

Perhaps the most important take-away has been the concept of Self-efficacy. Bottom line, I have never really believed in my ability to stick with a goal. And not surprisingly, I often have failed at my goals.

Through Meadow’s logical thinking he shows you how to let go of such self-defeating beliefs. Thus, he helps us build our self-discipline.

In addition, Meadow’s large variety of books help you dive deep in the specific area you are needing the most help. His writing is lively and entertaining.

Without a doubt, you will be encouraged to embrace working the issues and doing hard things to strengthen your discipline muscles. As you begin implementing the ideas you find yourself smiling. Because some of the ideas are smile-worthy 😉 and you will feel satisfied with your progression.

I also mentioned Meadow’s works in my article about A Path to Getting Past the Pain of Rejection.

You will learn to appreciate discomfort! Because it brings you challenges! And challenges are opportunities and even adventures!

Embrace each obstacle and discomfort and THRIVE better than before! Let’s build our self-discipline!

Thanks Martin, for changing my mindset!

Here are a few favorites:

An Illustrated Guide to Self-Discipline is a delight for those who are visually attuned!

Daily Self-Discipline for Everyday Habits and Exercises to Build Self-Discipline and Achieve Your Goals

How to Build Self-Discipline to Exercise: Practical Techniques and Strategies to Develop a Lifetime Habit of Exercise

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