The Joy of Choosing to Overcome (and the Costs of Not)

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Why Should You Choose to Be an Overcomer?

Feeling stuck, tired and unwilling to hike past the pain? Not interested in moving on? These are natural and real states of mind we can find ourselves in as we deal with the pain of rejection and loss. Sometimes we feel justified right where we are, thank you very much.

The Costs of Not Overcoming

However, we miss an amazing journey of joy if we allow ourselves to stay put emotionally. And there are very serious costs that must be considered also.

What is the downside of staying stuck? After all, you feel like you have reached bottom already. You feel unloved, unworthy and a bunch of other ‘un’s anyway. It can’t possibly get worse.

There is a harsh reality to face.

Aww, but it can, and it will get worse if you don’t choose to be an overcomer. Your health, your faith, and your relationships will all take a hit. They already have? No doubt, no doubt. Rejection is a harsh reality in this world. It hits hard and fast and leaves us gasping for relief.

Relief only comes through choosing to overcome.

But relief only comes through choosing to overcome. Choosing life. Opting for growth. Deciding to stand up and allowing yourself the possibility to be knocked down again.

I hear you, the idea of putting your heart out again, to possibly be trampled, in any relationship is a hard choice. Undoubtedly, most confusing when you are staring at the shattered pieces of your heart. Sometimes you must even endure others walking callously on those shards that were once your heart.

At some point though, you will sit up and then, stand up. You will look at life in the eye and you will choose it. Overcoming is a choice. And it’s a good one. There may be days or even weeks, but hopefully more like minutes or hours – where you choose not to overcome. Allow yourself the time you need. But keep it clear in your mind that you are an overcomer. And while you may occasionally need to take a rest, you are on a trail that leads to victory.

The True and Horrible Costs of Not Choosing to Overcome

  • physical health
  • mental health
  • spiritual health
  • current relationships
  • future relationships

Physical Health Suffers During Emotional Trauma

As mentioned in the post A Powerful Path to get Past the Pain of Rejection, emotional trauma can and does bring physical manifestations that can challenge your health. These are real and need to be cared for. The sooner and more often you are able to travel the road to overcoming, the sooner you can feel healthier and stronger.

Mental Health can take a Beating too..

Even if you have never been prone to depression, dealing with severe rejection or other emotional trauma can be a fragile cliff and trigger. Be aware, be diligent, and prepare to do whatever it takes to overcome it.

Your Faith and Trust Can Grow or Wither Depending on Your Choices

While each of our Faith in God is walked out in our personal relationships with Him. We are also His children and as such need to help carry one another burdens. This can be a two-fold blessing, if during our time of grief and pain we can still see other’s struggles and reach out and serve them in love, our pain will lessen. Likewise, we need to allow others to lift us up and help us maneuver our burden.

Your Children, Your Friends, Your Significant Other, Your Parents, Your Colleagues Need You to Be an Overcomer

Choose now to get the better of your pain, to grow and learn from it, just as you would want your loved ones to do. Show them, that life goes on and we can grow and mature and end up happier and more fulfilled in the end.

Tomorrow’s Relationships Need You Also

Whatever relationship you are grieving, be it a child, spouse, or friend, tomorrow is another day and may bring into it a new and lovely relationship. It may be a salve to ease your pain. It may be a new BFF – but who or whatever it is – they need you too. God is placing them in your path, for your sake and theirs. Choose to overcome, choose to be ready for life.

“If you’ve had a hard experience in your past where something negative happened, or where you failed miserably, you might never step far outside your comfort zone again. In that case, you’ve become incredibly limited because of your past”

The Ladders, The scientific process to heal any emotional trauma
Choose to be an overcomer. Look life in the eye and say yes.

Choosing to Overcome Brings Joy

At the same time, the choice to be an overcomer brings satisfaction and contentment. It even makes future difficulties slightly less difficult. As you have experience now with appointing victory to even the ugliest of events.

Namely, maturity, growth, and ability for self-introspection, along with the ability to laugh at oneself are all rewards for the overcomer.

You got this. To Illustrate, take your time, feel your pain. Walk through your valley. But don’t set up camp in that valley. It is not your long-term home. You’re headed to your happy place. Keep trucking. Everyday. Whether you can only go a block or are ready to take a ten-mile run. The key is forward momentum. You got this.

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