Ever Opened a Book out of Obligation?

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Some Thoughts on The Intimate God by Tricia Martin

Yeah, me too. But, The Intimate God proved to be a gem!

At a homeschooling conference last year I was wandering the curriculum hall – a favorite activity of mine – and I stopped at a booth with some children’s novels that looked pretty interesting. The series was a little more than I thought I should spend.

Before the conference ended though, I went back and purchased the series. The author, Tricia Martin and I had a light pleasant exchange. After thanking her I turned to continue my wanderings – but she stopped me. She handed me a copy of her book The Intimate God and stated she felt like God wanted me to read it. I thanked her and walked away thinking, ‘it’s because my countenance is so serious, people think there is something wrong.” Yup, I discounted what her words.

Obligatory Reading of The Intimate God

A few months later, I felt obliged to read it, after all, she was so kind and generous. I had no expectations.

Book review of the Intimate God by Tricia Martin

Yeah, as you probably have surmised. Tricia was right, God wanted me to read this precious volume.

The Intimate God is a short, easy, and profound read. If you are looking for a good devotional book to inspire you in the morning, but not take a lot of time, this is perfect. 100% recommended.

Because, umm, I think God wants you to read it too.

  • My key takeaways:

Want to be intimate with God? Pay attention all day, every day. Moment by moment.

Rest in Him and in His love and let His spirit engulf you.

Look and listen for Him everywhere and all the time.

Proactively seek Him out. Spend time with Him and incrementally increase that time until you are constantly abiding. (Pretty sure accomplishing this is going to take the rest of my life)

Walk through the doors He opens.
Pray that every word you communicate will be Him through me.

The definition of success? Being known by God. (The Intimate God)

One definition of fear is faithlessness.

“Throughout life, we experience many traumas, rejections, injuries, and wounds…

…Listening is the highest honor we can extend another person. Truly listening, not just waiting to jump in and give our opinions is difficult, but we can learn to do this.”

The Intimate God by Tricia Martin

I hope these nuggets have wet your appetite. This is truly a lovely book for drawing you closer to our Intimate God.

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