Overcoming Bitterness Find Victory in the Surrendering

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An ongoing struggle to complete surrender.
A joyful place of victory.

When we surrender our wills, ways, demands, and control and allow God to take our life where He will – JOY WILL REIGN. A life of Overcoming Bitterness.

So why is it so doggone difficult to abide in Him continually? Is it possible to surrender once and for all? To overcome bitterness for real?

Can I choose to be done with bitterness? And, like, it will leave and not come back, please?

Post-Bitter Life Overcoming Bitterness

The Joy and Agony of Surrendering

SURREN’DERverb transitive [Latin sursum, and rendre, to render.]

Surrender: 1. To yield to the power of another; to give or deliver up possession upon compulsion or demand; 

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

The first step in arriving at a post-bitter life is to surrender. Complete and total surrender to Your Creator through His Son. Overcoming bitterness comes through abiding in Him.

Indeed, should not surrendering be easy? I give, you win. I’m lost, you found me. I’m done, you be in charge. Abba Father, please, be in charge, I can’t do this on my own. I want to be an Overcomer.

We have felt the above, many of us of uttered those very words. Yet, within minutes, days, weeks – where do we find ourselves? Why can’t Surrender be a full-time place we stay – without wandering?

If you surrender, you accept that you don’t know what is best – beyond that He is best. Total and complete surrender. Obviously, bitterness can not thrive or survive in Surrender.

Will Surrendering Lead to Victory? Overcoming Bitterness

The first step to overcoming bitterness? Surrender. And then do it again. Uh-huh, one more time. Over and over, until you don’t have to think about it – you just march right back and park yourself in Surrender. Because that is where joy lives. That is where you are in the center of His will. And seriously, how could you want to be anywhere else? (I know, I know, right until the shiny thing walks by)

“My greatest advice for overcoming just about anything is to intentionally meditate and think on the fact that you have been completely forgiven. God has forgiven the unforgivable in you and He tells you that you are able to forgive others. Through partnering with Him you can live free from bitterness and resentment.”

Adriana, A Love Worth Living For
Embrace Victory! Surrender and Abide

Step Two: Live and Love in Victory ~ Post Bitterness Victory

Yes, you really are welcome, allowed, and encouraged to dance the victory dance when you arrive there. Don’t live in fear that bitterness will sweep back in when you forget to keep your guard up. Embrace victory, enjoy surrender. Learn to live there well and long. The better you get at it the less likely you are to leave.

Life Abundant Lives Here. Halleluyah!

Depending on Yah (God), walking hand in hand with Yeshua (Jesus) while we obey the conviction God will send can bring us to the post-bitter life. Refusing to listen to the enemy. Praying for the one that hurt or offended you and choosing to replace bitter thoughts with gratitude can all help you find this place of shalom. Trust God and keep your hope in Him alone.

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