Friendship Forgiveness | Facing Former Friends

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Trust, Faith, and Grace Required

And perhaps some confidence also.
A year to grow in confidence.
My year to learn friendship forgiveness.
The year for facing former friend truths in love.

Forgiveness in Friendships Facing Former Friends

If you ever struggle with pretending, sweeping things under the rug, or keeping quiet to keep the ‘peace’ you will be able to relate. If you like honesty, forthrightness, genuine transparency and authenticity in your relationships, you may struggle with friendship forgiveness also.

Indeed, social pressures often force us to act how we ‘d rather not. Some will say that is weak and you need to be yourself regardless. Some will say that. Few will do it.

Is Forgiveness Fake, a Put-on Mask for Social Means?

And here is the crux of the dilemma. If we have forgiven, if we are trusting His Grace to flow through us. Is it fake or pretend to be friendly to your betrayer(s)? Besides, if it feels false, does that mean we have not forgiven or allowed His Grace to work?

Maybe, we just are not used to it? Perhaps it is a new habit for us to allow Grace to flow towards those who have crushed and belittled us. Perhaps forgiveness in broken friendships is about allowing His Grace to flow even through what can feel like unyielding pressure.

It is possible that the discomfort is not due to disingenuousness. Instead, we are treading new territory, that we have no idea where it leads. Uncharted and the only way through is by holding tight to the hand of God. This is a Truth in facing former friends with Love, Grace, and Forgiveness.

Friends and Friendship Truths – When the End Arrives

Sadly, this leaves some of us that prefer to be in control, shaking in our boots. The range of genuine fears surrendering can cause us to face run the gamut from shame, fear of further pain, and suffering to the dismay of misunderstandings. Being highly sensitive can seem to work against us also. We must work to overcome our rejections and betrayals.

Indeed, if I show complete forgiveness, then how will they ever come to repentance? Will Grace further fuel their refusal to accept their wrongdoings?

Facing former friends - flowing grace and forgiveness

Hopefully, you caught what a nonsensical statement the above is! But, our minds can trick us up like that. Do we believe in some way that we have that kind of power or influence? We don’t, Friends.

First off, our ability to forgive and flow with Grace comes only through Him. So if I think holding back from showing forgiveness and mercy is somehow helpful, I am deluding myself on a scary level.

Do I, do you, do we trust God or not? Do we trust Him with our loved ones, friends, enemies, and the scariest creatures of all; our frenemies?

Forgiveness in Friendships Does Not Equate to Trust

Trust. In some ways, this is what it boils down to. Forgiveness does not in any way, shape, or form mean the same thing as Trust. Biblical Forgiveness is not about me – or you – or them even.

 Forgiveness often feels so gut-wrenching that we want to run in the opposite direction. But the Bible reminds us that we can extend forgiveness because we have been forgiven of so much.

Erin Davis

Trust God to Flow Grace and Forgiveness Through You

Trust, faith and grace required  - truths about facing former friends

No one said forgiving is easy. But we cannot be satisfied with quick counterfeits. Like our Father, we must face sins squarely and pardon them boldly, enabled by His grace

Dr. Ralph Wilson,

Often, we fear forgiving, thinking if we forgive we must bestow Trust on those that hurt us. Not true. Forgiveness and Trust are not the same.

However, TRUSTING our Creator, yes, that is where forgiveness is born. Trusting Him with everything is from whence Grace flows.

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