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How to Fight for Your Dream ~ 3 Truths

In fighting for your dream; does the size of your dream matter?

Some believe that to be genuinely, deep down inspired your dream needs to be significant. Maybe even audacious. The dream needs to put a little fear in you. What do you think? Is there truth to the idea that big scary goals are motivating? That in order to gain traction in fighting for your dream we need to go for gusto?

My thoughts? Yes, I do think there is truth in this concept. However, your idea of a big scary goal is going to be different than mine. And I feel it is an important difference to remember as you plan your productivity towards your goals. To fight for your goal, it needs to be a real dream from your heart.

The spark of courage you can ignite from choosing a goal that seems “too much” is often just the thing needed to light the fire of our determination – to give us the oomph we need to fight for our dream.

“The difference between who you are and who you want to be is in what you do.”

Smarter, Faster, Better by Duhigg

What is Going to Help me Move in the Direction of My Goals? Ready to Fight for Your Dream?

Choosing to focus on those big, most important goals first is going to move you in the direction of your dream. Not everyday goals like cleaning the kitchen or doing laundry, though, of course, we have to do those also. But they are not your priority. They are not going to get you closer to the dream. Fight for your goal and then, keep on fighting for your dream.

Are Big Goals the Key to Sucess in Fighting for Your Goal?

Only if you determine to put them first. We can have all the amazing goals we want, but if we don’t choose daily to move in their direction, we will never see them come to fruition.

Carve the time out to completely focus for a period of time on the biggest, most important tasks that will help you on the path to your big dream. Even a half-hour each day will bring you progress.

Sometimes We have to Let Go of Some Lesser, Yet Good Goals

I am an all-in kind of gal. I think big, I want big. I want to do it all. But, of course, I can’t do it all. Learning that has been a wonderful and freeing thing for me in this last year or so.

I have been learning quite a bit from Ruth Soukop and working through her Productivity course. I love, love, love her Living Well Planner. However, in using her system, it became clear I simply could not have so many goals and put any real-time into my biggest dream.

So I set aside a few goals. I want to be fluent in Hebrew, but it doesn’t get me closer to my top priority – so I scratched it off the list for now. I want to grow in my math skills (well, lack of math skills) – again, it isn’t a stepping stone to that bigger goal, so it’s tabled for now also.

Fight for Your Goal

The only priorities to put ahead of your goal, in my opinion, should be your faith, your family, and self-care. What do you think?


Living Well, Spending Less / Unstuffed Study Guide with DVDs: Eight Weeks to Redefining the Good Life and Living ItExecution: The Discipline of Getting Things DoneSmarter Faster Better: The Transformative Power of Real Productivity

  1. Dream BIG
  2. Your priority is Your Dream (self-discipline is muscle we can grow it)
  3. That means you put it FIRST
  4. Let go of lesser goals if you need to.
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