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How Being Rejected Blesses You in So Many Ways

Being Rejected Blesses You by:

Waking up to Life – Living Alive

Indeed being rejected blesses you in so many profound areas. Firstmost, the pain jolts you awake, possibly in a way you have not been awake in a while.


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Being awake is often something we would rather avoid during the shock and bewilderment stages of processing severe rejection or betrayal. The temptation is to run from or cover up the pain to prevent it or be done with it. However, sadly, you have to go through the pain to gain the benefits of it.

“And ironically, rejection can teach us how to accept ourselves.”

The Hiden Blessings in Rejection, Rania Naim

By allowing ourselves to process the pain, we will eventually reach the other side where the blessings lie. It is a rare and unusual person who can find and embrace the pain of rejection during this initial shock. I certainly was unable to see it. But if you do, I’m am so happy for you.

The gift of feeling alive, living fully awake, and recognizing that our choices are choices – that we can change our lives is a remarkable and exciting place to arrive. Make the most of having your eyes opened and your heart pumping.

Embrace the Fresh Slate – Another Way Being Rejected Blesses You

Moreover, you gain insight into what the true desires of your heart are, you are given the gift of fresh eyes on the obligations you have allowed in. Next, in rejection, you are released from an area in your life that may seem impossible and even miserable to refill. However, it is in being rejected that the blessings of liberty arrive.

In my personal journey, this has been an enormous benefit. We had ourselves tied in so deeply, with so much blind loyalty, that we simply could not have seen clearly the path to being released. In their rejection of us, we enjoy the liberty and freedom that comes from not being bound to people (or a person) that God no longer wants you bound with.

In addition, you will begin to heal and find that God has something better for you. For your time, for that space in your heart. For life. It may seem completely cliche – but it is nevertheless true – rejection is God’s protection.

Being Rejected Blesses You by Maturing You

Lastly, though pain-filled and severe, the journey to overcoming and thriving again after rejection grows and matures you in many different areas. Consequently, you find joy and blessing in the rejection or betrayal. It takes a while, and the realization might be with you some days and gone others. Grief and loss are real, and it is not a linear path to thriving better than ever. But it comes.

Equally important is self-care as you travel to overcome. Being rejected blesses you in helping you to see where you are neglecting yourself. While you may have spent your life believing that self-neglect was unselfish… a blessing of rejection can be an opening of your understanding that growing your best self is not selfish but noble.

Showing up in every area of your life as He created you to be is where joy is found.

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