Lessons Learned in Life, Abiding in Faith

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Lessons learned in life are almost always noticed in retrospect

Moreover, in our quest to thriving and being the person God created us to be, looking inside ourselves honestly is necessary. Indeed, if we can celebrate our gold from our coal, the lessons learned from the pain and the wisdom from our experiences – we give ourselves a future with a lovely new tone. Lastly, a fresh outlook.

Next, perhaps we may even embrace a passion long neglected. We don’t have any obligation to ourself to stay stuck in the past and not move on. Instead, we can embrace growth with joy!

In retrospect, indulging in introspection in an authentic, honest, not so pleasant sort of style, I have been able to examine the lessons learned in life abiding with faith. As a result, He is transforming me into who He created me to be. Slowly, ever so slowly. Because He is kind like that.

Part of the process has been to acknowledge and own all of my past.

For it is a part of me. But it will not define me.

Likewise, denial, when we are in it, seems useful – at least for the avoidance of pain. But God wants to transform us – every day. And denial is a stumbling block to letting that happen.

For instance, if you were asked to write what lessons in life you have learned so far, could you answer? What are your lessons learned in a life abiding in faith?

Are there any lessons learned you want to deny or hide from?

As a result, there is so much more for each of us when we choose to move forward – even if it seems scary. The possibilities in denying denial and embrace raw reality open up doors we did not even know existed.

Here are some of the Life Lessons I am learning:

Boundaries are Good ~ Lessons Learned

What healthy, the new boundary could you establish that will bring you shalom? Think of a limit or boundary as less of a brick wall than a vigorous green vine with flowers covering it trellis.

“Peter knew who was in front of Him. He confirmed it was Jesus. Knowing that He called him to step out gave Peter the confidence to move forward.”

Flourishing Today

Lesson Learned: Only God Saves, People Don’t

Have you ever noticed how much we like other people to deal with hard stuff for us? Ever thought about all the things you could delegate if you only had the money? Yeah, me too! My list is somewhat lengthy!

However, today needs to be lived for today. No one is coming to clean my toilets. No one is going to figure out the hard techy side of blogging for me. No one is planning on doing the cooking (well, in all honesty, my dear Hubby does most the cooking around here).

Embrace the hard stuff you would rather not deal with. Let it grow you.

Try to take your rose-colored glasses off frequently. 

People do change, but not because we will or desire or demand it. Accept people where they are and how they are for who they are. Believe their actions over their words. Trust your intuition. Build boundaries where it is the healthy thing to do.

Lesson learned – wanting something to work, or someone to have the strength of character does not make it true.

Lesson Learned in Life Abiding in Faith: Take back your light. 

What you are highly attracted to in someone else is an area for you to discover in yourself. Don’t let yourself put any human on a pedestal.

Guaranteed they will let you own. Nurture the qualities you love in them in yourself. This is a part of you to grow in. Embrace the great in you.

Take inspiration from others, love, and enjoy them.

Love people but use discernment. 

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that there are people who lie, cheat, steal, con, and manipulate. Who you get into business with or who you give your heart to or bind your family with is your responsibility…take it with profound sincerity.

Put effort into making sure you have a clear picture of who you are dealing with and what they are really about.

Lesson Learned; Don’t live your life to please or impress someone else.

More than likely, they won’t even notice of care.

Choose carefully for yourself, and if thoughts of what others will think of what you say, or do, or wear, – invade your mind – shoo them away. Not today.

Lessons learned in life, abiding in faith – make choices based on yourself and God.

Take a look at the folks you consider friends.

We can spend quite a bit of time and energy working on friendships – when it might be time to admit it is not a great relationship.

Similarly, sometimes the ones you think will stick by you no matter what – don’t.

And sometimes the ones that seem not as close are the ones that will lay down their life for you. This has been a shocking, yet wonderful lesson to learn in this life abiding in faith.

Clean up the past that is lingering in your mind. 

In the end, how we live, our life reflects what is going on inside us. Consequently, if your inner world is struggling with bitterness, integrity issues and pain over lack or reconciliations or restorations, limiting beliefs, and outdated dreams, these are stumbling blocks to the gifts God wants you to receive today.

Finally, spend some time in quiet prayer and meditation

…and let Him show you what He wants you to let go of in order to live out the life that He has waiting for you.

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