Reaching the Meaning of Shalom

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Can we have an effect on each other when we grow closer in our walk with God?

How do we reach a place where we live out the meaning of Shalom? Is it even possible?

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Moreover, is it realistic? We can love, encourage, and show one another respect. is that Shalom?

Most of us are aware that Shalom is Hebrew for peace. Quite a few of us also recognize it is a greeting, hello and goodbye. But what I want to address here is the deeper more significant and profound implications in our daily lives of the meaning of Shalom.

“Each Hebrew word conveys feeling, intent and emotion. Shalom is more then just simply peace; it is a complete peace. It is a feeling of contentment, completeness, wholeness, well being and harmony.”

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The Meaning of Shalom for Us Personally

According to Strong’s Concordance 7965, Shalom incorporates completeness, wholeness, health, peace, welfare, safety soundness, tranquility, prosperity, perfectness, fullness, rest, harmony, the absence of agitation or discord.

Interestingly, in modern Hebrew, Shulam means to be paid in full.

Moreover, who we are capable of being as we grow and mature – and who are brothers and sister become moves us all closer to our Creator. Is closer to God part of the meaning of Shalom?

By honoring each other’s growth and journey and remaining willing to share with others, in other words teaching what we have learned, we stretch and find peace with one another. Is this the meaning of Shalom?

As a homeschooling mama, I can tell you the education I have received from teaching far outranks my formal education.

As we learn to trust God and here His small quiet voice, we clear a path for others who desire to do the same.

Joining together with other believers in a shared expedition through life, we allow everyone to know us, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

It is a confidence-building thing when we no longer worry what others think about our imperfections. When we give respect to others, we gain confidence in ourselves.

When we reach a point in life of not indulging in regrets, but rather, seeing God’s hand throughout -seeing only lessons that brought us to a place of shalom, then we can embrace the wholeness of our journey.

The meaning of Shalom impacts daily life.

We can help each other but supporting one another. In addition, through building upon our individual pasts, we support each other in our pursuit of authentic Shalom.

When our desires align with Messiah’s will, and we place our strength in His hands and choose to die to ourselves – this is how we move forward into our real future.

Trusting God, we begin to see Him working in and through others. Let’s appreciate His creations; ourselves, and others.

Don’t spend time in comparisons or wishing you were younger or more beautiful. Strive to reach such a level of trust with God that you enter a place of shalom with your Creator and His creation.

We can enjoy all that our experiences have brought us and appreciate other’s experiences also.

Our sisters and brothers in faith are not competition. Instead, they reflect beauty reminding us that we too have beauty shining through because of who lives in us.

Let’s make a choice to celebrate all the aspects that make us His. All the fantastic components He creations are. We are made in His image, we can praise Him and dance before Him and express the intellect He has bestowed upon us. We can learn and lead with each other.

Embracing ourselves, as His creations, we reveal the aspects that allow us to shine with the beauty and strength of a diamond ready to shine for Him.

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