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The Good Side of Fear – Healthy Fear

A wake-up call to acknowledge and overcome fear.

What is a healthy fear? Is there really a good side to fear?

Is it possible that the things in life that give us the most satisfaction also have some fear attached – at least initially? Fear can play a healthy role in our lives when we learn to use it to our advantage.

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I was petrified on my wedding day. Not sure why. I was marrying the best man I had ever known. I wanted to marry him. However, I still had fear. A healthy fear telling me this is big. This is serious. Don’t take this lightly.

I was scared giving birth each time – yeah, that’s a little more understandable, right? New schools, new jobs, seem to come with a bit of anxiety and fear attached. Sometimes these huge life events unearth deep fears we may not even have realized we are holding on to. And sometimes it is just a call to be alert. This is important. Don’t miss this.

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Is Healthy Fear a Wake-Up Call?

“Fear doesn’t shut you down, it wakes you up”

Veronica Roth

Can Fear be a Good Thing?

 I believe healthy fear can. In these sorts of situations, fear forces us to be serious in our choices. Fear helps us to let go of the past and process it well before moving on to the next big life event… Do we always listen to reasonable fear? Sadly, more often than not, no. 

So what does healthy fear do to us? It makes us feel unstable, unsure, and most definitely insecure. What if anxiety is not meant to be a discourager? What if we choose to examine fear’s purpose for our well-being?

 How do we feel when asked to go outside our comfort zone? A little fearful, right? Maybe anxiety kicks in?

To move out of our comfort zone, we have to learn to deal with fear – either work through that healthy fear or do it scared. Grab fear by the hand and say here we go!

When life’s big events come upon us, fear notifies us that we need to prepare for moving beyond our comfort zone. It can even set us up to allow our new normal to become a part of our comfort zone.

 Facing fear is life-affirming, confidence-building and at times turns out to be just plain fun!

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“Are you afraid that you can’t actually accomplish your goals? It’s time to stop trying to overcome your fear, but understand them instead.”

Forget Overcoming Fear, Nadalie Bardoo

Fear can be a respected mentor. We can glean wisdom from this mentor. This mentor can help us discern if we are ready to move forward or still have processing and/or grieving to do.

Here are a few ways we can choose to be comfortable with fear:

 “I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.”

Psalm 34:4

And that my friends, is a healthy fear!

If fear drives you to seek the Lord, indeed, we have a friend in fear. Put healthy fear to work for you. In every aspect of your life.

Moreover, have you heard about being a scientist of yourself? Taking a step back of looking at yourself from a balcony? This is a great habit if you are wishing to implement change in yourself. 

When fear knocks on the door – acknowledge it, ask fear; what’s up? Why have you dropped by? There are several avenues this conversation could assume. – Prayerful thought, writing it out, talking to a loved one. 

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Here are some things that may come up for you as you consider why fear is visiting:

Let’s endeavor to make fear our friend. A friend that helps us understand ourselves better. A friend that often arrives when we are getting ready to embark on something great.!

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