Perfectly Imperfect Self – Flawed & Quirky!

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Just the way you are – you are loved! Perfectly Imperfect.

Indeed, choosing to embrace our perfectly imperfect self, our self-care must include a letting go of our desire for perfection. When we not only accept our imperfection (in ourselves and in our actions) – but when we aspire for the shortcomings and even celebrate them… life gets pretty exciting! In other words, let’s learn to love our flaws and quirks!

Moreover, I have found this joy also in Rejection Proof living – when you acknowledge and maybe even give yourself a point for every big and small rejection you receive. The rejections that inevitably happen in life can be used to grow us and mature us instead of defeating us.

In like manner, we can begin embracing our flaws – after all, when we acknowledge our shortcomings, we see that we also survive them. Our goal is living well for His glory. Flawed and quirky – perfectly imperfect self. That’s me. That’s you.

“Not that I have already obtained it or have already become perfect, but I press on so that I may lay hold of that for which also I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus.”

Phillipians 3:12

Authenticity is relatable. Perfection is intimidating. What makes imperfection so very perfect? It’s real. No pretenses. Genuine. Flawed and quirky.

Mistakes, imperfection, quirks, and flaws should not be considered:

  • failures
  • lack of measuring up
  • unfixable

Rather through mistakes/quirks/flaws and imperfections we:

  • experiment
  • experience
  • learn
  • grow
  • mature
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Assuredly, I am not promoting not doing our best. I am promoting being perfectly imperfect!

In fact, I encourage each of us to strive to do our best and count the bumps as victories!

Life is in perpetual motion – we are continually being renewed physically. We can choose to live in a state of constant growth emotionally and spiritually also.

In reality, life changes more than it stays the same. While we may experience awesome moments that feel close to perfection, these are a rarity. Trying to hold onto those moments or force more of them is a source for frustration and overwhelm.

“As I approached the door, I kept hearing God’s whispers, “Teach from where you are at; not from where you shine.”

Will You Expose Your Imperfections?, Maree Dee

Moreover, I am not telling you anything new, right? Yet, we still keep reaching for perfection. What if we choose to nudge ourselves gently in the direction of living imperfect, joyful lives?

Letting Go of the Insidious Idea of Perfectionism

“The attempt to be perfect is the epitome of insanity. It’s called perfectionism and it’s the unachievable American dream that’s damaging our emotional and mental health. We strive for perfection with our body, in our performance, and in our relationships.”

Psychology Today, Rachelle Cassada

Next, we need to accept that we are not expected to be perfect. And if you have folks in your life that expect perfection out of you, time to make some changes in who you allow into your life! Work on your boundaries!

However, often, perfectionism is a result of our childhood perceptions and perhaps overly demanding parents.

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Lastly, as we embrace our lives as our own and take full responsibility for ourselves, we can learn to stop worrying about other’s opinions and judgments.

If God approves, we don’t have any business being concerned with anyone else’s approval.

We are free to be imperfect. We can enjoy that freedom.

Lightness will be felt as you let go of the burden of perfectionism. We can take ourselves less seriously.

We can have and be more fun. Finally freedom to be perfectly imperfect, flawed and quirky!!

We can be human. Made in His image. But not Him.
Embrace His creation – yourself.

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