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Faith Walking – Taking the Next Step

Along the same lines as embracing self-care for beginners – embracing our hopes and dreams as possible realities take bravery. Pinterest will tell you courage is doing something even when scared. I believe Pinterest is correct! Taking the next step requires courage.

I can keep moving towards my big audacious goals even if I am not fearless. And so can you! Faith walking is what it is all about.

Life is neither simple nor easy to understand. The path to growing and blooming can be mighty windy and often unmarked. Well, at least that is how I perceive it! Taking the next step can feel confusing and difficult.

If you are in a funk, and unsure what to do – when to do it or other such difficulties can overwhelm us. While we all can admit that it is not always easy to discern what God’s will is for ourselves – it is often as simple as the next step.

Holding tight to your Creator, you can take that next step in faith.

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“The first thing you should do, if you don’t know what to do, is do nothing. Take time out to sit with the unknown.”

Be prayerful, be in the Word, listen to a plethora of wise counsel. Be real with yourself – consider your heart’s desire, your inner soul, and voice – do not approach this with any concern for what others want from you. Only the Messiah matters. No people-pleasing. Trust yourself and allow God to speak to your very heart.

Dream! Dream big! More significant than you think possible. Expand your dream horizons. Taking the next step is faith walking.

Let’s settle briefly into a memory mode – what have been your experiences so far? What dreams have come true? Are there some ready to retire as they no longer make your heart sing? What are you passionate about today? How does your creativity best flow? What skill do you have today, and what skills are you willing to put work into gaining?

Faith walking = Taking the next step to become the real us, who He created us to be.

Journal or list out where you feel God leading your heart towards that next step.

Use your God-given inspiration and insight to determine that next step.

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Moreover, it is in that being willing to be authentic with yourself and dig deep in your soul that your courage will begin coming to fruition. Taking the next step becomes less daunting. 

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.”

Matthew 7:13

You are your Abba’s creation, He loves you. Tap your soul that resides in Him, and you will know with confidence taking the next step is really just continuing your walk in the knowledge and courage that He is with you and you are straining to hear His directions.

One foot in front of the other. That, my friends, is all of our next steps.

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