Attitude Adjustment Challenge Made Possible

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Your mindset matters. A simple tweak in it can open up a whole world of potential and peace for us. Give your self an attitude adjustment challenge.

Finding joy and contentment does not always seem straightforward. A joy-filled life is not the same as a life of abundance, successes, or prosperity. Instead, choosing an attitude shift to adapt to our circumstances in such a way that we turn ashes to beauty – with our Creator’s help. This is the beauty in an attitude adjustment challenge that you embrace.

Moreover, we each have our own personal perception – and that perception colors our attitudes. Whether we paint our lives with forlornness or joy is our choice. Challenging ourself to adjust our attitude is a step to fine-tuning our perceptions.

How we perceive our situation will determine whether we live in grief or shalom. 

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Part of the shift to a more peaceful mindset is choosing to reframe our pain and heartaches. The first part of our attitude adjustment challenge:

“This is important because it can actually change what you strive for and what you see as success. By changing the definition, significance, and impact of failure, you change the deepest meaning of effort.”

25 Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset

Take a few minutes and review the stuff that weighs you down – now think – what have you accomplished through it? How has it made you grow?

Now, consider the current situations you are facing. Own them! This is your personal training ground. A gift from God, for you to use for His glory and your growth. They are your God allowed attitude adjustment challenge!

This slight shift in your perception will help you find and recognize the potential for each circumstance and person. Additionally, relationships, jobs, painful times, these can all be viewed with a growth perspective.

The life we are given is not predictable and is often full of chaos.

It is easy to respond negatively to and focus on that. Adjust our attitude and we see more clearly.

Our attitudes have so very much power over how we live our life. Life can be lived in the center of God’s will or with our scraping and struggling against Him.

Choose joy and trust God. Put the problematic stuff in a new light – what does Abba want you to learn? How does He want you to turn it around?

Indeed, opportunities abound in chaos and troubles. They can become adventures and challenges as we choose to challenge ourselves to adjust our attitudes. Choose love. Regardless of what comes your way.

Changing our hearts perspective and attitude can create hope and grow your faith as you learn to trust His plan for you.

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Attitude Adjustment Challenge – Between You & God

Lastly, just making a choice to change or grow doesn’t usually result in success – right? Instead, we need to embark upon a self-training course of observing life, and it’s many complexities and nuances with fresh eyes.

This even includes allowing yourself to let go of preconceived ideas, beliefs, and notions and ask Messiah to enable you to see it through His eyes.

The power and empowerment that comes when we abide in the Messiah and ask His input and eyes on each and every situation we face are astounding and delightful. Pain is still pain. Hurts still hurt. But through it all, we grow in Him.

And, this is when the journey gets cranking! The contentment and joy fill you up, and you are ready to face the day – in His grace and power.

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2 thoughts on “Attitude Adjustment Challenge Made Possible”

  1. Wow, that was a great post. You are right, our perspective determines how we experience life, especially when you’re a Christian. Lately, I’ve been learning to trust Him more and let Him guide. I’m such a better space, and the peace I have is amazing.

    • I love hearing that Octavia, I am on that same journey. Choosing to trust Him makes all the difference!


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