Embrace Creation for Seasonal Self-Care

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Embrace nature for seasonal self-care?? How can getting outside can help us be happier and healthier?

Even those who tend to be primarily inside dwellers (me) can absolutely be in tune with the seasons and with a little motivation enjoy the great outdoors!

No doubt, by making a concerted effort to spend time outside (preferably in nature), you begin to find a balance and peace within your should.

To her fair works did Nature link//The human soul that through me ran;//And much it grieved my heart to think//What man has made of man.”

William Shakespeare

Nature, its cycles, rhythms, and beauty are God’s gifts to us. Not just for fun or visual enjoyment. Rather, more importantly, nature soothes our spirits. Seasonal self-care brings healing from Him.

When you consider the forcefulness of this earth, as God made it -the power can feel exhilarating.

Indeed, as hard as mankind works to control every aspect of creation – the weather will not submit.

We can observe the weather, we can enjoy the weather – but we can’t be in charge of it.
We can, and most of us, do allow the seasons to enhance and in many ways, determine our daily lives. It is the rhythm He has put in place for us. Seasonal self-care.

Consequently, does the consistent beat of the seasons, days, nights, and months affect our sleep cycles? Many would say absolutely. Ben Franklin was not to far off when you encouraged others to rise and sleep according to the sun’s pattern.

Seasonal Self-care is in the Little Things

Though obvious, seasonal produce is another lovely way we fall in line with His seasons. Of course, in today’s world, it takes a concerted effort to be aware of what is in and out of season. Eating local and knowing your farmer is a magnificent way to rest in His given rotation. This connection with our food and His cycles is one of the most enduring forms of seasonal self-care.

I love how, in many tropical areas, restaurants, and even hotel lobbies are open air. Regardless of your locale, you can work on creating an outside area that simply feels like an extension of your home. The more comfort you can add to your outdoor ‘room’ the more likely you are to use it.

“A study that tracked more than 1000 participants over a five-year period found that, on average, people who moved to greener areas experienced an immediate yet lasting improvement in their mental health.”

Daily Life, Evelyn Lewin

Bringing Nature Inside to Spark that Connection

Conversely, after having raised seven children and helping to raise to grandchildren – I can tell you that enjoying all the amazing ‘treasures’ our little ones want to bring inside is good for us too!

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I do admit – I draw the line at living things! There are lots and lots of cool moms and grandmas that embrace their child’s love of creepy crawlies – however, I am not one of them! Giving our children space for their inanimate nature objects and enjoy them.

I even have my own ‘nature’ collection of driftwood pieces that intrigue me.

Observing is not enough! We need to partake. Breathe in the breeze – thank God for it. Smell leaves and other flora and fauna. Listen to the birds and learn about their habits. Notice the moon and what stage it is in.

Find time, especially to spend in your happy place. For me, it is water. Preferably the ocean. Similarly, a lake or river or even a tiny creek brings great joy to my soul. It’s how my Creator made me. Think about what place in nature gives you that same sense of contentment. Then, make a plan to spend regular time there.

Embracing nature is embracing His creation and brings healing and health to our mind and body.

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