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Strategies for Self-Care Let’s Get Healthy & Happy

for Mental and Physical Health

Anchor Your Self-Care Strategies with Routines

A significant part of self-care that’s often overlooked is maintaining consistent strategies for self-care of both our mental and physical health. 

If you want to make progress in life, you need to be consistent and on some kind of schedule or routine. You can’t get too far just doing things at your leisure, or without any sort of structure. 

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You should always choose a strategy for self-care to follow. 

Having a consistent routine for our self-care can show us results a lot faster than we would see through doing random self-care tips whenever we get the whim. 

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Strategy for Self-Care #1 Sleep

The first aspect of our life that we should get consistent with is our bedtime. It might sound childish at first, but sleep is such a crucial part of living a healthy and productive life. 

It’s not only about the amount of sleep we get, either, but it is also about when we’re going to bed. We need to maintain a set time at which we get into bed and a set time at which we get up. 

This can help ensure that we’re able to wake up promptly with plenty of sleep every day, allowing us the energy to get more done. Sleep is an ongoing difficulty for me, and consistent strategies do help.

Experts tell us after we wake up, we should start the day off right with some proper nutrition. For me personally, I prefer starting my mornings with a steaming mug of hot water with half a lemon squeezed into it. Very cleansing and refreshing. Then, coffee. 😉

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Strategies for Self-Care and Nutrition

Maintaining a consistent diet of real food can help us lose weight, have clearer skin, and be more focused and energized throughout our day. 

I am a proponent of intermittent fasting, and using a consistent strategy for eating is enormously helpful.

You can meal prep in advance if you’d prefer not to do the daily work required for eating real food consistently. But, either way, our meals should be a self-care strategy of consistent and healthy fuel for our mental and physical health. 

Following strategies for self-care will provide us the energy boost we need to continue productively throughout the day. 

Strategies for Self-Care Physical Fitness

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While this doesn’t have to be a daily occurrence, we should be working out at least a few days of the week. Preferably several times daily for short but intense periods.

This can be anything from cardio to strength training or a combination of both – as long as you’re keeping your body active regularly, you’ll be doing well. 

Keeping our bodies moving helps maintain our joints so that they’re not feeling sore when we try to do little things and remain healthy as we age.

Strategies for Self-Care Mental Health

If you want to add more mental health strategies to your day, have a specific time slot dedicated to things like meditation or relaxation.

The way you create your schedule is entirely up to you, however, what’s important is that it’s a consistent schedule, and you’re able actually to stick by it. 

Mental and Physical Health Can Benefit Each Other

Choosing to consistently follow self-care strategies for both our mental and physical self-care can be challenging. 

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It can sometimes be difficult to successfully manage our time in such a way that we’re able to work on both our mental and physical health. It can seem that sometimes they don’t really work well with one another. 

However, they’re more similar than you might think, and by working on one, you can actually significantly improve the other at the same time.

 Everything in our body is connected, and that includes our brain. 

Our mental health can have a direct effect on the rest of our body, and our physical health can have an immediate impact on our mind and mental well-being. If you let one deteriorate, the other will follow suit. 

Strategies for Self-Care Improvements

However, this also applies to improvements, meaning that if you’re able to develop better physical health, you can more easily promote better mental health. As you improve your mental health, you’re likely relieving stress and relaxing quite a bit. 

This can have a ton of positive physical effects on your body. By ridding yourself of stress, you’re far more likely to lose weight, eat healthier, and stop experiencing as many aches and pains. 

Stress can have a ton of adverse effects on our physical health, through controlling stress mentally, we’ll see improvements in both categories. This is the beauty in maintaining strategies for self-care, for both mental and physical health.

In Review The Benefits of Maintaining Our Strategies

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 Similarly, as we eat more real food, we become healthier, our body will release endorphins that can help us have a better, more positive outlook on life and help us feel better in general. 

Exercise and physical fitness can also make us happy by seeing progress and results, releasing dopamine, knowing that we’re making positive strides towards a more vibrant physical appearance. 

While you can’t always try to work on both your mental health and physical health every single day, you’re doing yourself a favor by just taking the time you need to do at least one. 

Don’t worry too much about trying to get everything balanced and spending more time on your health and less time doing the things you like, because you’ll just end up getting stressed out and undoing your hard work.

It’s okay to miss a workout, and it’s okay to take an extra mental health day.

“No matter which approach you choose, the goal is to figure out which self-care strategies work best for you, learn how to use these strategies, and implement them in your regular routine so you can boost your well-being not only today but forever.”

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 You’re not going to fall behind by taking a bit more time for yourself or some more time to do other things that you want or need to do. As long as you don’t stop your efforts altogether, you’re going to be just fine.

Please note that this article contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.

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