How to Find and Live Our Passion in Life

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Why Following Our Passion Brings Joy

There are not many of us who need to imagine having to clock into a job daily that you hate – most of us have or are living that life. Sure, we would love to find and live our passion, but how?

The work is mundane, the commute is long, and your supervisors are careless. Do we enjoy waking up every morning when this is what we have to face?

While we all have to make money to survive, we all desire to feel fulfilled after completing a hard day’s work. When we figure out how to find and live our passion in life, we become fulfilled and satisfied. For we are living as He created us to.

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Learn How to Find & Live Your Passion

Sure, we may receive a paycheck at the end of the week, but does that really make up for all the unhappy moments? Surely, the answer to that question is a resounding no.

Many blogs, books, and articles are dedicated to helping people find their passion. In fact, the self-help community is worth billions of dollars. This statistic alone proves that people all over the globe are searching for a life of purpose.

Individuals who are unhappy in their jobs are especially eager to soak in as much information as they can on how to improve their life.

In truth and reality, to live and walk in a life of fulfillment, you must follow your passion.

And only The One Who Created you knows just what that is and how you should fulfill what He made you for.

Although this sounds like a pipe dream of an idea, it’s actually attainable.

Without a doubt, you need a willing attitude, a lot of determination, and a positive spirit. Those, along with consistent and committed hard work, will help you live a life of passion.

Let’s consider how; it takes a heart willing to listen.

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Determine Your Passion with Your Creator’s Help

Do you have faith – a faith that trusts God? Are you at a point where you know that He truly and irrevocably loves and adores you? That you are His creation and no one, not even yourself, can take that away from you?

The above is key to your knowing what your passion is. If you want to start living a more fulfilled life, you must identify what drives you, what motivates you, and leaves you with a sense of satisfaction. What has God shown you that you are excellent at, or created for, even?

Is there a secret passion you know He put there – but it just seems unrealistic?

Ask yourself, is there an activity that gives you excitement? Do you find yourself daydreaming about a particular field of interest? What motivates you to get up in the morning?

The underlying answers to these questions will help you determine what your passion truly is.
Once you uncover that, you’ll be able to make the necessary steps towards achieving it.

Learn Your Passion – You are already bent towards it – now excel.

Maybe your passion is to become a chef. Before you blindly pick up the pots and pans, learn your craft. Study from the greats and imitate their actions. Read and soak up as much information as you can on your particular interest.

“If you could do one thing to transform your life, I would highly recommend it be to find something you’re passionate about, and do it for a living.”

Leo Buabauta, Life Hack

This will improve your skills and train you to be the best. Subsequently, you’re more likely to find employment or start a business revolving around your passion.

Remember, you can have a dream all you want, but it takes practice and hard work to turn it into a reality. But pursuing what God created you to pursue is the most fulfilling activity on earth.

Take Steps – Action for Finding and Living Your Passion

After you’ve determined your passion and gather enough information about the topic, now it’s time to put your work to the test. You may feel a little trepidation, that’s okay, you still need to take the next step!

Take the necessary steps towards changing your current position and landing that dream job.

Take up an internship or shadowing job. Indeed you must change your resume to reflect your new venture.

Moreover, begin applying for the jobs that’ll get you one step closer to your passion. When you put in the necessary work, it’s imperative that you get out of your comfort zone and really find your place.

This will help you to lay the foundation for your future career. You are on the road to finding and living your passion

Following your passions will make you a happier and more fulfilled person. Although we’ve focused primarily on employment, developing your passion doesn’t have to be within a job or a career, of course.

If your passion is to be a better artist, friends, mom, wife or writer than follow those dreams, this is your own personal journey. Live it out with love and compassion for yourself and others.

One of the best pieces of advice one could hear is to do everything with passion.

From the smallest gesture to the biggest action, living with passion will make you stand out in the crowd.

Find and live our passion and in turn, we’ll live happier, more fulfilled lives.

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