What Compromises Self-Care? What does it Include?

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What compromises Self-care? Resilience, calm and growth are like, all things that can bring us a deep sense of self, that we can then pass on to those around us. We can get so caught up in serving our families or bosses, even our friends – that we lose ourselves in the shuffle!

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I want to propose a few areas that we can all embrace and find joy and excitement in. They might seem random, but I hope as you will read, you will see how they work together for our good. There are so many aspects to self-care but these are three tops concerns in what compromises self-care.

From Frumpy to Fabulous? Is it Possible?

Firstly, how we feel about how we look and present ourselves to the world really affects us in a bigger way then many of us may realize. Truly how we feel about that person that others see is a huge component in self-care. Acceptance of that person is necessary.

Woman practicing Self-care

A fun way to get feeling better about yourself is doing a wardrobe makeover – and no, I am not saying go buy a full new wardrobe! I mean, that sounds super fun, but I doubt that is the budget for most of us!!

If you are already a fashion guru-type – skip to the next section – lol!

I am blessed with four grown daughters who all have a wonderful sense of style, each unique in their own way. This has always kind of baffled me – because I guarantee the style sense did not come from me, nor was it modeled by me!

I’d stay in my comfy pajamas all day if I could! Well, somedays I actually do!

Aww, but I digress! My point is, use the women in your life who have a sense of their own style to help you find yours. Don’t copy your BFF unless you are truly two peas in a pod! You see, I have found that a woman that has a sense of her own style is well equipped to help others find their own.

Beyond my fashionable daughter’s guidance, I look for help from others and have found two particularly good resources to share with you. You know if you happen to tend to feel you don’t have the greatest fashion sense and need a little help, like me!

So the first one is this lovely sight; Candi Randolph for women over fifty – though I think her stuff is great and will be helpful to anyone who wants help in the style area!

woman doing pedicure self-care

The next resource is a super amazing course I am currently working my way through Frumpy to Fabulous! Take your tired-out wardrobe from frumpy to fabulous in 4 weeks flat! Frump Fighters offers several other courses also.

While style and fashion are just a fraction of how we present ourselves to the world, it is a fun place to start finding yourself. Unless, of course, you can backpack through Europe! Do that to find yourself first! .-)

Self Acceptance is the Key to what Compromises Self-Care

So, I kinda hate the term self-love. It seems crazy selfish and isn’t one of the biggest issues we have our inherent selfishness? As I have gone deeper and deeper in my knowledge and understanding about self-care I have come to understand the term self-love differently than I originally thought. For the most part when the self-love term is bantered about the context us usually self-acceptance.

Now, self-acceptance I can get behind. Big time. Because it changed my life when I finally arrived there! Moreover, I spent most of my years filled with self-loathing, some rooted in me from childhood, some completely self-induced.

God brought me through deep trials and into His overcoming life. I finally arrived at my current belief and joy-filled perspective that I am His creation. And therefore accepting who He made me really is not a choice if I am a true follower. It’s been the most empowering and freeing thing!

Indeed, you will find I write a fair amount on the topic of self-acceptance. The reason is that it is such an important topic to grasp in the very depth of your soul. If you are into self-care, if you see the value in it – know that what self-care includes self-acceptance.

I recently enrolled in a course called The Quiet Miracle, Love Yourself Now. It is quite wonderful and from what I have seen, heard and read thus far. Indeed, this is self-love with the meaning of self-acceptance.

Boundaries are the Key to Deep Self-Care

I never get tired of talking about boundaries! They are foundational to healthy relationships – including the one we have with ourselves! Embracing boundaries in our concept of what compromises self-care can be an incredible boost for our relationships.

As a perpetual lover of learning, I continue to dive deeper and deeper into the joys of self-care. This includes how boundaries can bless our relationships. With that said, I want to introduce you to one more course I am currently working on. Yes, I read ten books at the same time also – I’m just crazy like that. It is from The Well-Grounded Institute, Love and Boundaries

Most of my boundary work has been in relationships outside of my family. Love and Boundaries is helping me understand how they can benefit us inside the family also.

So there you have it -my view on What Compromises Self-Care!

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