5 Tips for Mindfulness and Single Tasking

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5 Tips for Getting into the Mindfulness and Single-Tasking Habit

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Can mindfulness and single-tasking make us more productive? For too long we’ve been conditioned to think that multi-tasking somehow equates with productivity. The truth is, multitasking leads to distraction which means each task takes longer and more effort to complete. And did you know that when we multi-task, we lose IQ points?! Yikes!!

With that in mind, maybe it’s time to get into the mindfulness and single-tasking habit. How do you get your focus back when you’ve become so used to constant jumping from item to item on your To-Do list? 

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1. Make a practice of having only one browser tab open at a time.

If you’re reading this on the internet, then chances are you have several tabs open right now. The first step to getting your focus back is to concentrate on just one item at a time. Shut down those other tabs and take back your life!

Have you heard of the chrome app Workona? It is really helpful in organizing and keeping from allowing too many open tabs to dominate.

2. One app at a time to promote single-tasking and mindfulness.

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This point follows the same principle as #1, in that you likely have several apps open at once. Limit the open apps to only those that you’re using at the time. Fewer open apps mean you’ll extend phone battery life, reduce data usage, and the phone will be more responsive. That sounds worth the effort right there!

3. Make a commitment to yourself.

Whatever you’re reading or doing, tell yourself that you’re going to see it through to the end. Finish that email and answer it while it’s fresh. Or finish reading that article all the way to the end before exiting out of the news site. This is where the crux of the matter lies – we have to make a choice for mindfulness and single-tasking.

If you find a pushback in that you don’t want to finish reading the article, then maybe that’s your brain trying to tell you that you’re not all that interested. If that’s the case isn’t it time to stop reading and move onto something more productive? Why are you wasting time on something you don’t want to do?

4. Build your focus

Pay attention to the task at hand. Don’t let other thoughts creep into your consciousness. Being mindful means that you’re going to get more from what you’re reading or doing. You’ll also be able to put more effort into any project you’re working on rather than being distracted all the time.

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Deep Work is a great book for finding a place of mindfulness and single-tasking. Learning to focus in a distracted world is becoming more and more of a problem. Think of focused work like an underused muscle you need to build back up.

5. Turn off the screens for mindfulness and single-tasking habit

If you’re finding that you’re too distracted by your electronics in general, then maybe it’s time to walk away completely for a time. Ask yourself – do you feel so connected that you feel you can’t shut down the internet for half an hour to get stuff done?

Follow these steps, and you’re going to find that mindfulness and single-tasking habits are addictive. With increased productivity, and better focus and concentration, you’ll not only feel smarter; you’ll be smarter. Now put that intellect to work on the next task!

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