Unconditional Self Acceptance & Letting Go of Imperfections

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Does unconditional self-acceptance seem an impossible dream? Or maybe ridiculous? Can we be self-accepting is we don’t let go of our war against our imperfections?

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Indeed, do you ever feel like everyone seems intent on ironing out imperfections, from using social media filters on selfies to consciously curating their lives? It can appear that any level of defect is intolerable, and failure is a catastrophe.

And for most people, that is just setting ourselves up for an unhappy, unfulfilled life as the falseness of perfection moves further and further away.

Here are six good exercises I have embraced to stop chasing that mirage and learn to embrace myself as I am, imperfections and all. Unconditional self-acceptance is do-able!


#1 Stay focused on what’s important – prioritize

Perfectionists tend to get derailed by the slightest mistake or little thing that doesn’t go right. They agonize over details; they get in their own way. I know this – because I am describing myself! If you keep your eye on what you want to achieve, not some unattainable ideal, you’ll be much more likely to reach your goals.

I’m a personality that takes on too much and then filled with self-loathing for doing none of it well or enough. Boom – done with that. Do what I can, the best I can, fail or succeed, learn the lesson and move on!

Unconditional self-acceptance and letting go of imperfections bring a new lease on life!

#2 You’ll feel lighter and happier with Unconditional Self Acceptance

Making peace with my imperfections relieved me instantly of a whole bunch of stress. My Inner Critic can stand down and put its feet up, allowing me to relax and get on with my life, unburdened by not feeling good enough. Liberated from the need to be seen to be perfect, I feel a lot happier and more content with who I am and where I am at in life.

Letting go of imperfections that once were debilitating to me has freed me in an astounding way. My confidence has skyrocketed, not because my imperfections disappeared, but rather because I now see them as an integral part of who I am and accept the lessons they bring me.

#3 It’s easier to stay in the present when you let go of imperfections.

If you accept yourself for who you are, it becomes much easier to stay in the present and feel grateful for your life. Instead of anxiously chasing future goals or beating yourself up for past mistakes, you can be comfortable with the here and now, knowing you’re doing your best.

Mindfulness, awareness and be present are more than just catchphrases. They truly bring life down to the moment that you are living. And that is where I want to live! Embrace unconditional self-acceptance and let go of imperfections!

#4 I’ve become more compassionate as I embraced unconditional self-acceptance

Once you’ve stopped judging yourself for every little thing, you’ll find it easier to be kinder and more compassionate towards other people. You’ll be more patient and not get irritated by quirks or habits where previously you might have reacted. Embracing imperfection makes you a lot less reactive all round.

 “This is the essence of Unconditional Self-Acceptance. You separate yourself from your actions and qualities. You accept that, as a fallible human being, you are less then perfect.”

Russel Grieger, PhD, Psychology Today

You have more patience with yourself and others. You are no longer worried about flaws or what others think about you. Because, deep down, you know you are exactly who God created you to be.

#5 Your relationships will improve as you let go of your imperfections

Being a more accepting person will strengthen your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. Accepting that imperfection and mistakes are a normal part of life means that you become a lot less ego-driven, and judgmental. You might even become a role model for others!

Others won’t feel your attitude of judgment that you carried previously for yourself and others. I’ve become more encouraging and genuinely interested in what makes other people tick, how they think, feel and live.

#6 You get a different perspective on life

Once you accept that flaws and mistakes are normal and a part of the human experience, you will be more resilient and grounded. You become more aware of the bigger picture, and that life’s not all about you.

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Every single one of us carries around imperfections. Yeah, we are human. Oops! Unconditional self-acceptance and letting go of imperfections (or rather our fear of them) are exhilarating and in exchange, you will find yourself living the life you always dreamed of – no kidding!

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