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How to Start Accepting Yourself Today

Practical Benefits of Accepting Yourself Today

How to start accepting yourself today? I’m great and getting better! When’s the last time you thought that about yourself? Has it been a while? Do you genuinely like you, right here, right now? 

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Prepare yourself for a startling thought: Even when we’re working on making positive changes in our lives, it’s possible to gain a genuine acceptance of yourself. In short, you can like yourself right where you are. No matter what. 

What’s more, accepting this current version of yourself has some real practical benefits in the long run, such as:

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When You Start Accepting Yourself – You Discover Compassion

When you become more patient with yourself and more accepting, you tend to show that same patience and acceptance with others. You also have an easier time stepping into someone else’s shoes, meaning you show more empathy, and build compassion toward others.

Start Accepting Yourself and You Learn More about What You Can Do

The more you accept yourself, the more you’re going to discover that you might not have known beforehand. You’ll feel more confident in exploring interests, and you might even find some hidden talents.

Aceepting Your Self Today and Your Self-Talk Improves

If you used to talk negatively to yourself, acceptance would change all that. There’s no room for that kind of criticism when you actually like who you are and accept yourself, flaws included. In fact, your self-talk will start to get more positive and will contain more encouragement and support than it had previously.


“The trick is in learning how to push those negative thoughts aside and replace them with something positive. Replace your negative thoughts about yourself with affirmations.”

Steve Spring, Medium

You Spend Less When You Start Accepting Yourself

Unhappy people try to fill the void in their life with stuff. When you’re accepting yourself for who you are right now, you’re less likely to need ‘stuff’ to fill the void.

Start Accepting Yourself Today and You May Become Healthier

It’s not uncommon for people to start taking better care of themselves when they become more accepting of who they are. A lot of this is subconscious. When you love who God made you, you really do just want to take care of yourself as part of an expression of that love.

You Get More Assertive When You Start Accepting Yourself

[(The Gift of Our Compulsions)] [Author: Mary O’Malley] published on (October, 2004)What’s in the Way Is the Way: A Practical Guide for Waking Up to LifeIt’s a Matter of Trust: How I Got Better from OCD with Compassion, Help, and Hope


When you’re more confident about who you are, it’s a lot easier to express your opinions. This confidence is rooted in that heartfelt acceptance of who you are right now.

You Will Even Find You Have More Energy

When you’re able to accept where you are right this minute, you’ll stop weighing yourself down with worry about what people think of you. You’d be amazed at how much this kind of self-consciousness can wear you out!

With all that in mind, it should be apparent what your next step should be. Accept who you are right now, right where you are.

Sure, that is easy to say – but a lifetime of self-loathing does not disappear simply because we will it to!

It takes time and practice to learn to like that person. There’s so much good in your life waiting for this essential step.

Start with These 5 Secrets to Accepting What is Out of Your Control

It’s human nature to want to control things. Control means there are no surprises. There’s security in knowing you can fix any problems that come your way. This leads to a feeling of power and security you can’t get from anything else.

Sadly, sometimes, life is truly beyond our control.

Whether it’s the economy, a health crisis, or a relationship that’s spiraling down despite your every attempt to resurrect it, there will come a time when you have to accept some things are indeed out of your control. 

How do you learn to let go when this happens?

Learn to Live in the Moment as You Start Accepting Yourself

What happened, happened. Until we figure out time travel, we can’t go back and change things. Sadly, situations from the past often influence us in the here and now. 

To keep from being weighed down by the past, we absolutely have to learn to let go. Look instead at where you are now and worry less about how you got here. This acceptance is crucial to happiness.


How to Start Accepting Yourself Today? Find Better Ways to Cope

When things are out of control, a lot of the stress comes from not knowing how to cope. Work out a strategy to keep your emotions in check, at least long enough to think the problem through. Find healthy ways to release the stress of the situation. You might not be able to change things, but by accepting how you’re feeling and giving yourself this outlet, you’ll be much happier.

Look for the Lesson as You Start Accepting Yourself

What can you learn from the experience? You might not have been able to control it, but if you can accept there is something profound to be gained from the experience, you’ll be able to keep the situation in perspective much better.

Adjust Expectations

Too often, something is out of control because we wanted too much. By taking a more realistic approach, you can accept better what you did gain out of the situation. You might not have had everything you wanted, but what part did you get? 

Create New Goals

Accept some goals cannot be met. Rather than give up, create a different goal using the lessons you have learned from this experience as a jumping-off point for what you want to do next. 

Things might still be out of control when all is said and done, but it doesn’t have to define you. Your acceptance of the situation creates control where it counts: in your reaction and in determining where you go from there. 

With this in mind, what was ‘out of control’ is no longer a stopping point on your journey, but a crossroads leading to somewhere better. This is how to start accepting yourself today!

7 Ways Your Life Will Change for the Better When You Start Accepting Yourself

Are things not working out for you lately? 

Life becomes so hard when you feel like you’ve lost control. We feel angry and afraid, buffeted by forces seemingly ranging against us. While with some things we can work to create a difference, such as our job situation or relationship issue, sometimes there are things we simply can’t control, like a health diagnosis, or the cost of living.

As we pursue happiness, it seems impossible when confronted with things out of our control. The key lies in what happens when we start accepting the things we can’t control, rather than fighting against them. While acceptance doesn’t change the situation, it changes us to better deal with the situation. We become stronger and more content, even in adversity. 

How does this work? Read on to discover several ways life changes for the better when you learn how to start accepting yourself and what you can’t control.

You Feel Better About Yourself When You Start Accepting Yourself

When you realize you can’t control something, letting it go is a powerful feeling. You don’t have to beat your head against a wall any longer. Suddenly, you have more energy and clarity so that you can focus on changing the things in your life that you can control.

You Realize You Don’t Have to Take the Blame

When you drop the load of resistance, you begin to realize some things are not yours to carry. You can now step back and look at the situation from a critical standpoint, clearheaded and rational.

Start Accepting Yourself Today and You will Rediscover Happiness

If you’ve been fighting against what you can’t control for a while, you’ve been bogged down with the negative emotions that go with it. Once you accept the situation, you can let those go and embrace true peace and contentment.

You’ll Appear More Confident as You Start Accepting Yourself

The people around you will notice a positive shift in your attitude. They’ll see you as more capable, as you show more self-confidence in all you do.

You’ll Become More Motivated to Change

When you let things go, you learn lessons from experience, inspiring you to make other positive changes in your life. When a new out-of-your-control situation comes along, you’ll be better able to handle it.

You’ll Become a Mentor as You Start Accepting Yourself Today

Having “been there and done that” means you have the experience you can share with others in the same situation. 

In all of this, remember this one crucial point: Accepting what you can’t control doesn’t mean lying down in defeat. There is a victory to be found in not allowing the outside world to control you anymore.

How to start accepting yourself today? With acceptance, you’re deciding what’s worth your time and energy. Ultimately, you are in charge of yourself and your responses.

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