Crime Against Women – Steps to Protect

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Crime against women continues to rise. We want our wives, moms. and daughters safe – let’s take steps to protect them. We want ourselves safe – let’s take steps to protect ourselves.

Do you just cringe when you hear the phrase ‘women have long been considered the weaker sex’, much to the protestations of feminists everywhere? Certainly, this is a silly stereotype in most ways, even physically speaking, it is not entirely true. 

Mother protecting daughter from crime against women

 Discouragingly, violent crimes against women are at an all-time high. 

All women live with a certain level of risk for crime. In fact, a 21-year-old woman today has a 1 in 4 chance of having a violent crime committed against her. These crimes range from shocking, such as rape to intrusive like carjacking or purse snatching. 

What’s even scarier is that often, the crimes committed against women happen in their own homes by a loved one. It seems outrageous to have to worry about your safety and well-being in the place where you should feel safest. Crimes against women (and men) know no address. Takes steps to protect yourself and your family now.

“Generally, predators look for victims that are alone and behave according to their victim criteria. If you appear vulnerable or unaware of criminal tactics, you are more vulnerable to violent criminal acts of robbery, battery, rape, or terrorism.” 

Personal Safety

The answer to combating crimes against women isn’t as complicated as you might think. All women can benefit from self-protection hints and tips. Some just don’t see the need at all – but taking steps to protect oneself can save your life.

But think about this when considering whether or not you need to take steps to protect yourself 

Crimes against Women – Why You Should Care About Self Defense 

  1. Because you can’t even imagine how horrific it feels like to be violated like that. 
  2. Because likely, he’s stronger than you are and you will be helpless against him 
  3. All you have is yourself when it comes to self-defense 
  4. Being a victim can stay with you for life, and it’s not easy to cope sometimes 
  5. When you defend yourself against a criminal, you rove there’s at least one woman he can’t overpower 
  6. Educating yourself with self-defense strategies is infinitely better than waking up at night screaming from a nightmare about the crime 
  7. Look at it as insurance – insurance for you and your well-being 
  8. It’s not difficult to learn and even easier to carry out 
  9. Learning self-defense tips and having the right tools is your best counterattack against surviving rape or assault 
  10. Self-defense isn’t just karate or judo. It isn’t just learning how to shoot a gun or handle a pepper spray. It involves knowing how to avoid situations that put you at risk then coupling them with evasive techniques that can help keep you safe and sound. 

Inside the pages of this blog, you will find steps to protect & keep yourself out of harm’s way.

The best self-defense is a proactive offense, and I’ll teach you how to do that. 

We’ll also provide you with some basic self-protection tips and tricks along with ways to use common objects when defending yourself against an attacker. You’d be surprised at how many uses you can find for everyday items! 

There is an ongoing debate regarding the use of weapons by women when defending themselves. We’ll look at that debate and give you some facts to help you decide if carrying a weapon or tool is the right route for you. 

You owe it to yourself to stay safe. Don’t let the criminals win – prove to them that women can be prepared and ready for them. Learn self-protection and be confident that when the time comes, you’ll be able to defend yourself and get away. There’s no time like the present! 

I can’t stress enough the importance of women knowing first how to avoid situations that put them at risk for crimes against them and second how to give themselves the time to get away if they find themselves in a dangerous situation.

The following crime against women story is not for the faint of heart.

Crime Against Women – Alexandra’s Story

Alexandra and Tim had been married for just a year before Alexandra realized that her husband had a very, very dark side. The two had seemed to have an idyllic life.

Tim was a successful business owner; Melissa was attending school to be a registered nurse. They had a modest three-bedroom home in a lovely suburb and had money to spare. Alexandra wanted children, and so did Tim – maybe just a little too much. They were having trouble conceiving a child, though, and it was putting a strain on both of their nerves, not to mention their relationship.

Tim often referred to Alexandra as the barren wasteland and often made fun of her inability to conceive. He drank more than he should have and took out all his frustrations and anger on Alexandra regularly. She wrote it off as him having too much stress and figured the attacks would stop once she became pregnant.
One sunny June day at a bar-b-que at the lake, though, Alexandra had had enough of his temper and his violent behavior.

A sad story, a tale to learn from…

They were with friends having a seemingly fun day. They had their ski boat out and all were enjoying a few cocktails. Then Tim started in. He began calling Alexandra names, making fun of her in front of their friends, and grabbing her a little too hard for her liking.

When they got home from the lake, she endured the worst beating of her life, and she left. At her mother’s house, she cried and begged her mother for help. They went online and found resources at a women’s help center. Alexandra did everything she was supposed to do.

She obtained a restraining order against her husband, filed criminal charges along with divorce papers, and moved in with her mother. All steps to protect herself.

A few months later, Tim approached Alexandra in the parking lot of her college. She tried to get away from him, but she just wasn’t as strong as he was. Tim beat Alexandra so severely that she died from her injuries two days later.

Her mother still wonders if Alexandra had taken the self-defense class or been educated and equipped in personal protection tools, whether or not her daughter would be alive today.

Crimes against women come in a variety of shapes – steps to protect…

Rape is the most common serious crime against women. Although the reported incidence varies somewhat from year to year, most authorities agree that the number of rapes far exceeds the numbers actually reported.

Rape is a very serious crime. Actually, it is serious enough to be legally classified right up there with murder as the most serious of crimes. Even if a minimum of force is used to carry out the rape, the possible consequences to the woman (pregnancy, AIDS, herpes, other venereal diseases, and post-traumatic physical and psychological effects) are extreme, severe, and very long-lasting.

There are many different kinds of rapists, ranging from the easily discouraged to the sociopath who has decided that he won’t stop until you are dead, or he is.

Crime against women vary – take steps to protect yourself !

Carjacking is on the increase in part because so many cars now have good anti-theft devices. People who steal cars are discovering that while it’s getting harder to steal a car that’s simply parked at the curb, it’s relatively easy to get the car by taking the keys from the person who is driving it.

Purse snatching has been a crime for years and years. Many women don’t really pay much attention to how they are carrying their handbag. Often we swing it while we’re walking or just loop it around our elbow casually as we stroll from store to store. This is a mistake. What you are essentially doing is inviting a purse- snatcher to help himself to your property.

woman taking steps to protect crime against women

Another common crime against women involves threats and threatening behavior by an attacker. While men commit most crimes against women, threats can come from other women as well. Your chances of resisting an attack by a woman are much more in your favor, but when a man threatens you, the situation can certainly change quickly.

Always, always, take threats seriously. Take steps to protect yourself.

It may be hard for you to realize that your life is actually in danger but, if someone is making credible threats, you must take steps to protect yourself. Most victims of domestic violence who are murdered (or murder is attempted) by their abusers were stalked, sometimes for days, sometimes for months, before the lethal attack. If your life is being threatened, you should consider yourself a stalking target, and take steps to protect yourself.

Finally, domestic violence is probably the most prevalent crime against women. Being in an abusive relationship is not only tragic for you and your children, but it could also be deadly. Domestic violence is the number one crime against women and resisting your attacker, even if you have loving feelings for him, can mean the difference between life and death.

Crime against women happens daily, let’s take steps to protect ourselves and those around us.

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