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How to Mentally Prepare to Defend Yourself

How to mentally prepare to defend yourself? There is a certain mental state of mind that takes over when you find yourself in a threatening situation. Experts call this Tachypsychia.

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Tachypsychia is a distorted sense of size and time and it is very common under stress. Movie makers use slow motion at some critical moments to try to convey this mental state. Another very common effect of stress, one that can occur with tachypsychia or alone, is tunnel vision.

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One victim describes this sensation very well. “I didn’t know anything about anything that was around me. Indeed, I was aware of what was in front of me and of him. I knew exactly that I had a gun in my hand, and I knew where he was. Other than that, I couldn’t have told you anything. It could have come upon a blizzard in the middle of the parking lot, and I wouldn’t have noticed. I thought I was going nuts!”

How to Mentally Prepare Yourself? Know what happens.

It’s almost as if life is happening around you, but you are invisible. The world begins to occur in slow motion and you are acutely aware of sounds like your own breath or the bead of sweat that is falling from your forehead.

You may feel paralyzed and out of control, but the exact opposite is true. You are in full control, you are just at another level of consciousness – that of taking your life into your own hands and holding on to it with all your might.

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Prepare Mentally for the Physical Reaction

Also called the “fight or flight” response of the body to an event our mind considers threatening, tachypsychia is believe to include some or all of, but is not limited to, the following occurrences:

Cooper’s Code of Color – How to Mentally Prepare to Defend Yourself

“The Cooper Color Codes, as Jeff Cooper promulgated them, were not a system for describing levels of potential danger, but rather a technique to enable a law-abiding citizen to overcome a natural reluctance to use lawful deadly force against another.”

Mindset: The Cooper Color Codes

As you can see learning and be aware of these stages can really keep our minds engaged with a fight for our life. Hopefully, we are all in the white zone, when Netflixing and enjoying popcorn, right? But when the front door burst open and a stranger comes in – what zone are you in then??

In our culture it would be foolish to go about in public less than Yellow.
Awareness is our first and possibly most important defense.

Mentally Prepared =. Peace of Mind

Acknowledging reality in a proactive way can bring us a deep peace of mind. Frankly, this is the opposite of fear mongering. We can spend a little time, a little brain space and a little money and gain from that skills and tools that can save our life. Or perhaps, the life of our loved one.

That is a security that is worth every penny and every minute. That is confidence and courage to admit we live in a fallen and violent world. But to keep living and moving forward, making the most of what we have available to us.

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How to mentally prepare to defend yourself? But accepting the world as it is, not as we wish it was.

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