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You are worth it! There are some things we just don’t want to think about. Somethings we just hope and maybe pray never come our way. But, the truth is, we live in a violent world – and the discomfort of talking through some ugly subjects could save us. In this post, I am pulling together the best tips for preventing and/or surviving rape.

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As uncomfortable as it is to think and talk about – it is a reality. One in nine women are survivors of rape. These are odds we can’t brush off if we are being logical. I’m no expert – but, after much research, these are my best takeaways. Teach them to your friends and daughters. These ideas should not be hidden away – everyone 12 years and up should know them. We are worth it, you are worth it.

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Use Self-Defense Moves if you Know Them – Learn Personal Protection Tools if You Don’t

If you have been wise and blessed to have formal self-defense training, that is fantastic. If you have not, it takes a small amount of time and money to become proficient in self-protection tools, like stun guns, pepper sprays, and force-multiplying weapons. Every minute and every penny. you spend towards self-defense may be the penny that saves you life. Or your loved one’s life.

Things to Know for Rape Because You are Worth It

There are many schools of thought as to what you should do when you find yourself in a rape situation. Some people feel you shouldn’t resist and let it happen to prevent serious harm, but I don’t advocate that. If that is your belieF, I totally. respect that and encourage you to read on and see what tips make sense to you.

Rape is more than a physical assault; it’s a mental assault as well. The emotional implications of allowing yourself to be violated in such a way are often far worse than the physical violation.

Remember, it’s not entirely male/female thing. When it comes to an attack, size, and skill, in addition to being prepared with a plan are the key elements. Notably, most attacks happen when the victim is all alone, which means that the likelihood a friend or police will show up in time to defend you is pretty low. You are worth it – take the time to develop a plan to protect yourself.

The best way to feel ready in dangerous circumstances is to know that you got this. Through awareness and readiness, you very well may be able to prevent a potential attack or possibly stop it before it gets out of control.

You should use whatever method you think will be work, talk to yourself now about choosing to adapt in the moment. For a rapist who is fairly casual about the situation, it might be possible to talk him out of it but, in most cases, that’s not something you can count on. You should definitely have a repertoire of other things that you can do if talking doesn’t work or if there isn’t time to talk.

Beth’s Tragic Story –

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Many women are careless during shopping trips. Some are enjoying the rush over the bargains they found; others are just in such a hurry that they forget predators are out there everywhere. Beth was finishing up her Christmas shopping at a local mall. It was about 7:00 at night and she was rushing to get home because her husband was making dinner.

She didn’t see the man under her car. As she stood at the driver’s side door, keys in hand, he reached out with a rather large knife and sliced her Achilles tendon. In horrible pain, she writhed on the ground.

He picked her up, put her in the back seat and drove her car to a secluded area where he repeatedly raped her before dropping her off at the same shopping mall parking lot where he abducted her. He left the car too. He was never caught. Sad, tragic, and depressing. This is real, real possibilities for you, me, and our daughters.

Strategies to Tuck in the Back of You Mind

Control his hips and his hands. This might sound strange, but the concept works. Control his hips to prevent penetration. If you can get your feet on his hips you can control the distance between the two of you. His hands are the weapons he will use against you. He will hit you, slap you, stab you or shoot you, but he has to use his hands to do the damage.

As we have said before, never let him put you in a car and take you to another location. There is virtually little chance of survival at that point if he succeeds. Sometimes, however, you may not be able to help it and he will get you into a car. You are worth the fight- so don’t give up!

“Rape is not a selective crime. It is in most cases, random. Personal safety, however, must begin with the individual. Help protect yourself by taking the steps to protect yourself from sexual assault.”

Preventive Measures Against Rape

Tips When in a Vehicle – You are Worth it

One girl who had been knocked out by her attacker and put into his car regained consciousness while in the backseat. When her assailant stopped at a traffic light, she jumped out of the car and ran. She was able to keep her wits about her and seize the opportunity to get away.

In a moving car, everyone is vulnerable – even your attacker. There may be opportunities that depend on how thoroughly you are restrained and your location in the car. You may be able to lunge sideways and forwards and blow the horn by butting it with your forehead. If your hands are free, you can jerk the steering wheel. If your feet are free, you can stomp on the accelerator. Your attacker has to use at least one hand to drive the car. He is limited in his ability to fend you off.

If you can cause an accident, you have disrupted his plan by destroying his method of transportation, and probably have produced several witnesses.

As you no doubt know, however, traffic accidents are dangerous. Choose your chance as carefully as you can.

Warrior Women Fight Back – You are Worth it

Never forget the option of directly attacking your attacker. Gouge out his eyes, crush his throat, jam a pencil through his eardrum, and use your belt to garrote him. If you accidentally get a finger in his mouth, don’t pull back — try to shove your entire hand down his throat.

Many of us don’t naturally have this kind of physical fight in us – unless we take the time to educate, equip and empower ourselves to have a plan to fight. As females, I believe we are natural nurturers and this is how God created us. Physically lashing back is a response we must prepare and train ourselves to do.

If you are out of the car, and he is getting out of the car to attack, realize that he is using much of his strength and balance just to get out. If you decide that fighting is better than running, don’t let him out of the car.

Shove him back in. If there’s a rock handy, hit him with it. If there’s a stick or branch, club him over the head, or jab him in the face. Car doors are hard and heavy. Kick the door closed onto his head, and keep slamming it into him. And, of course, make as much noise as you can.

If you are in the trunk, kick out a taillight and wave your hand or foot through it. Any driver behind the car will see this. Don’t be timid; kick the light as hard as you can; they pop out pretty easily.

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The Goal is to Get Away and Get Help

Another caution: don’t over-estimate your fighting ability. If you have a chance to get away, don’t, don’t, don’t stay to fight! Use every ounce of energy you can muster to get away.

Many of these defense strategies sound violent, that’s because they are. They’re supposed to be. When it comes down to your life, you must be willing to do anything you have to in order to stay alive. That means hurting another person, of course, but it’s nothing compared to what he wants to do to you.

Take some notes, talk about this with others – be prepared, not scared. You are worth it. Self-protection for women is a state of mind we all need to enter.

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