How to Protect and Prepare Our Children

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Affirmations for you – Protect and Prepare Your Child

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Is it possible to protect and prepare your children for the pain and violence in this world? I do everything I can to keep my loved ones safe, we all do, right? I have written this post-affirmation style with lots of “I” statements – as you read through, hear this as your own voice, affirming what you do (or will do) to protect and prepare your children for the world they live in.

Children ready to protect & prepare

Physical safety is important to me when it comes to my children and grandchildren. I am their provider and protector. It is my responsibility to keep them away from harm. I am unwavering in my commitment to this role.

While for many of us these feel like overwhelming statements to make – I want to show you some simple, easy, and affordable ways to embrace your family’s safety. Don’t let the unknown spook you here!

My home is a safe haven.

I keep it clean to discourage germs, viruses, and bacteria that could sicken my loved ones. We all strive to do this, – in addition, most of us are striving to use natural products. Products that don’t add chemicals and poisons into our environments. 

Many of us love creating a comfortable and nurturing environment for ourselves and children to call home. Going one step further and ensuring our safety there will bring your greater joy and peace of mind.

Home Security is One Way to Protect Our Children

Some feel a great way to protect and prepare our children is to install the latest in security technology. This can be intimidating to us non-techies. But that Mama-love in us, is pushing us forward to learn. One simple step can be automating your home lights.

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This not only can create a lovely ambiance within (and outside) the home, it also creates a lived-in and someone is home look for any criminals stalking or casing.

Home security systems tend to feel confusing to choose and often too expensive, for your average family. I love being able to tell you I have found a solution that is not confusing and is affordable. Personally, we got creative in the use of glass breaker alarms and there are other tricks to make it more doable.

Our personal choice is SimpliSafe (a company Dave Ramsey recommends) – it was an easy DIY solution, that has paid itself off many times in the peace of mind it gives us.

I am able to ensure my family’s safety even when I am away.  For me, that means paying a little extra for monitoring and communication with our home security system. We get text notifications when our system is armed or unarmed and in-home or away mode – this is comforting to us, especially when, say we have left our teens home alone, while we are out of town.

how to protect and prepare your children to do list

However, there are many, many other excellent choices available, and one needs to look at them individually for your personal needs and wants in protecting your children with a home security system.

A Few More Highly Regarded Home Security Choices to Look Into:

Brinks Home Security sets the standard for excellence in security with equipment from the most trusted brands, low monthly rates, smart-home integration capability, patented alarm response technology, and a risk-free, 30-day trial.

 Canary has a reputation for developing easy-to-use technology that protects, empowers, and has a meaningful impact on people, families, and their communities.

Deep Sentinel is the fastest and most complete home security system ever created, blending next-gen wireless cameras, predictive local AI, and human vigilance in one

Scout is an Amazon Alexa Fund Company and a pioneer in DIY security. Scout offers modern, wireless hardware that can be easily installed in about 30 minutes. Other smart home devices like Alexa and Nest can be added to create a robust smart home.

I hope these ideas get you started on finding the home security system that makes sense for you.

How to protect and prepare our children goes beyond “Stranger Danger”

I teach my children how to respond to strangers. And how not to. But more importantly, I teach them about ‘Tricky People.” Statistics are pretty clear on the need for equipping our kids to recognize the close friend or family member that may hurt them.

My top resource for addressing these sort of difficult-to-talk-about topics with children is the Safe Hearts program. This is a series of colorful books with engaging characters to go through WITH your child(ren). It opens up a shoulder-to-shoulder conversation on eleven difficult subjects. In addition, there is a fun board game to keep the conversation alive and natural.

This one program can really be key and create a backbone for your personal curriculum. Allowing your love and creativity to blossom forth out of this fantastic series will give you the answer to how to protect and prepare your children.

How to Protect Our Children in Our Absence

I ensure that they know how to keep themselves safe from harm in my absence. At school, at friends, in vehicles,  etcetera. Of course, this will depend a lot on their age and maturity, as far as how we prepare them.

Equipping our children and teens to feel confident and have a plan if violence or threat comes there a way can be done in an empowering, non-scary way. We will definitely want to equip them with and teach them the proper use of self-protection devices.

Empowering our girls by the age of eighteen with pepper spray with technology and a stun device is powerful equipping.

I give them the lessons and have faith that they know what steps to take.

Emotional safety means taking care of our own and our children’s emotional health.

 I play this role by always being available for my children to express themselves to me.

Sometimes just listening is enough to offer clarity. My children know that they have a confidant in me. Whenever they come to me for advice, I offer what I am able. I am comforted when they leave my presence in a positive state of mind.

Today, I am a protector for my loved ones. It is great to be the person who they turn to for support. I keep them safe and nurture them to the best of my ability. Learning how to protect and prepare your children is part of the package of being a parent.

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