How to Protect Yourself in Parking Lots & at ATM’s

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Self-defense Tips with stun device and pepper spray or other non-lethal weapons

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Statistics are often overwhelming, however, they also can help us to comprehend the seriousness of situations. Australia, 19% of females aged 18 to 24 experienced an act of violence in 2015. Data reveals that 1 in 4 females in America will be sexually attacked in her lifetime. One study exposed that 50% of Canadian ladies have experienced an event of sexual attack or physical violence. In the U.S.A., every 2 minutes a woman is raped.

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This is Shocking data! Increasing individual security ALWAYS begins with awareness. Awareness, in all situations, and believing that you can protect yourself and your loved ones may be what saves the day. Add to situational awareness the use of a stun device and pepper spray and you will know how to protect yourself.

Parking Lot Safety Tips for Women and Teen Girls

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Is my automobile in a well-lit location? Lawbreakers state they do not desire to be seen, acknowledged, or slowed down in any way. If you’re alone and in a not very visible area, at a shopping center or shop, that makes you an ideal target for a criminal. How to protect yourself? Start with paying attention.

Take care of all the ‘things’ in the shop. NOT in the parking lot, or even right outside the store. And one of those things to take care of is having a stun gun, pepper spray or other non-lethal device, like a personal alarm in your hand.

Even more importantly, you must know how to use your weapon and be comfortable with it. Owning a stun device and pepper spray is not enough. You must be completely comfortable using them and always be able to reach them within seconds.

How to Protect Yourself – Don’t let them psych you out!

Keep in mind, would-be assailants will state and do anything they can to get your trust. DON”T FALL FOR IT !!! If a complete stranger desires to assist you with your bags, inform them no, thank you. Criminal interviews exposed that they will attempt to play on a victim’s heartstrings to get access to the automobile, a handbag, – and move-in for the attack when trust is acquired and attack is least anticipated.

We can be kind and friendly without letting our guards down.

Is there anybody loitering around my car? Check, it’s another way to protect yourself.

If so … are they suspicious enough to make me go back into the store? If you’re not comfortable with continuing to your vehicle, ask security to accompany you. Or if there isn’t security readily available, a shop supervisor will do it– it is a part of their job.

Don’t avoid eye contact with someone making your uncomfortable, instead look them grim-faced in the eye – sending the signal that you see them, you are paying attention and you can identify them! This is one more tip on how to protect yourself.

Are Your Stun Device or Pepper Spray offering you self-defense security?

With a personal protection tool, like a stun device or pepper spray in hand, and keeping alert, you will be ready to deal with the unexpected.

Coming up to your automobile, look around being mindful of who is near it. Interviewed felons state they desire to assault the female who is strolling alone and not mindful of her environment. If you have bags, this renders your hands ineffective to protect yourself and offers a criminal a target.

Ask aid from the store employees — they are often willing to assist if you are not able to pack all your bags into your cart.

If you have automated keyless entry, be careful to not strike the unlock button two times … we don’t want to make it simple for somebody to get into the passenger side door. Get into the routine of opening simply your driver’s side door, when alone. Crooks are hoping that you’ll make their task simpler for them.

Lastly, carry a stun device with a flashlight integrated – and do a quick shine under the vehicle as you approach it. Then when close, do a quick shine in the backseat.

Self Defense & Parking Lot Security in Conclusion

Predators remain on the lookout for a woman by herself late at night in a near-empty parking lot. So how do you protect yourself?

With more growth and more shops comes larger parking lots. Larger parking lots indicate more and more people have to park quite aways from their last location. Situational awareness remains the top priority in knowing how to protect yourself.

Here are some ideas to prevent possible problems; self-defense and parking area security.

  1. Lock your automobile on arrival. Keyless entry is best for time cost savings.
  2. Park as near your location as possible.
  3. Make sure you take benefit of it if, assistance is readily available. A lot of supermarkets still provide this service.
  4. Attempt making most shopping trips during the daylight hours.
    Be conscious of your environments. Is the parking lot well lit?
    It is much better to be safe than sorry. If you do not feel comfortable get a supervisor or security guard to walk with you.
    Upon approaching your vehicle, look around, in, beneath, and next to your automobile.
  5. When inside the vehicle, rapidly lock all doors. For the most part, as soon as we are inside our automobile, the majority of us let our guard down.
  6. if you are alone wait until others walk by and join them.
  7. Always carry a non-lethal self-defense weapon; like a stun device or pepper spray or some kind of personal alarm.

Particularly with children the possibilities of crime appear to increase, the further away you are from the shops. Be prepared.
Keep in mind to trust your judgment and instincts – you can’t ever be too careful.

How to Protect Yourself – ATM Security – another Targeted Crime Center

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ATM’s, our automated money machines, have been completely integrated into our method of life. Utilizing an ATM securely needs awareness and a little preparation. Simply since ATM’a are open 24-hours a day does not mean it is safe to utilize it at all hours.
If you or your loved ones utilize an ATM on a regular basis, here are some suggestions that can make the process a little safer:

  • Use ATM’s in well-illuminated, high traffic locations. Do not utilize ATM devices that are in a remote location, such as being situated behind structures, behind pillars, walls, or away from public view.
    When you drive up to an ATM area, scan the location for any suspicious individuals. When you approach an ATM on foot, be prepared, and have your card prepared. If anybody relatively unsafe or suspicious appears, end your transaction and leave instantly, even if it indicates running away and leaving your ATM card in the maker!
  • If you utilize your vehicle at a drive-thru ATM device, use the exact same guidelines. Keep your vehicle running with your foot securely on the brake, while utilizing the ATM. If you see anybody approaching in a threatening or invasive manner, drive off even if it indicates leaving your ATM card behind.
  • If lights are around the ATM are not working, do not use that one.
  • Check around the Automated Teller Machine for apparent hiding locations.
  • Have your card prepared and leave rapidly, not counting your cash in public.
  • Do not struggle with or make any effort to follow the burglar.
  • If you have had trouble, get to a safe location and right away call the law enforcement

In conclusion, learning and implementing simple safety tips into your daily life and habits will help keep keep you safe. And give you peace of mind.

How to protect yourself? Utilize a stun device and pepper spray – and situational awareness. Always be prepared.

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