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How to Feel Positive When You Don’t

Act As If – This is how to feel positive then your don’t!

Create Confidence, Self Esteem, and a Positive Attitude

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What Does It Mean To Act How You Want to Feel? How to feel positive when you don’t?

The Benefits of Acting How You Want To Feel

Specific Examples of Acting How You Want to Feel


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So, how to feel positive when you don’t? Act positivity out! Grab your golden globe award!

In all seriousness, it isn’t really pretending, but one could call it acting. Serious acting that can change your happiness. Afterall, negative feelings do not give us an ounce of happiness. Try it! I know this can all seem so very simplistic.

Perhaps we need to try simplicity for changing negativity to positivity. Why go the complicated route if the shorter, simpler route works as well, or even better?

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