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Simple Internet Safety & Protection for Non-Techy Moms

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Being a safety advocate and trainer, I recognize that the internet world of danger can not be ignored. Simple internet safety and protection don’t have to overwhelm us. So I am writing this for non-techy moms, like me! I highly recommend delegating anything that feels too difficult – but you know is important.

Overview of Internet Safety and Protection

Super Simple Tips to Protect Your Data – have you done these my non-techy moms?

6 Tips to Protect Your Privacy for Non-Techy Moms

Protect Your Children Online – Internet Safety & Protection

Shop Safely Online – Funny, how us non-techy moms love to shop online!

All in all, we need to trust our instincts, online an IRL!

Truly, our best defense online is common sense and good judgment. So, yes, we non-techy moms can and must practice internet safety and protection.

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