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How to Get Emotionally Healthy Shame Off You is a Bright Light

Ever feel like something is missing in your journey to recovery? Not sure what it is? Yeah, me too. I processed and grieved, I embraced forgiveness. Indeed, I found the bright side in rejection. I grew and I matured through my emotional trauma. So what was next in my journey to get emotionally healthy?

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Yet…when I read Shame Off You, I cried. Multiple times. How lovely; I found another piece in my puzzle. It may be a missing piece for you also. That is why I want to share some of the highlights and gems found in this precious book. Denise Pass won my confidence with her authenticity and honesty.

By the way, if you love Uninvited by Lysa Terquest – you will be head over heels with Shame Off You.

How to get Emotionally Healthy? Use Shame to Grow You!

What? That is ridiculous! Right? Along the same lines as Rejection Proof shows us how to turn daily rejections into a tool to become resilient and strong – Shame Off You is for shame and your faith walk – what Rejection Proof is for growing a thicker skin.

Denise guides us through her deeply personal and painful story with grace. Firstly, Denise speaks about shame as the reality it is – rather than the hidden thing we are ashamed to even mention. Ha! The irony in that!

Learning how to get emotionally health has been a pain-filled and wonderous adventure for me. And Denise just took be deeper. Another notch to who He created me to be.

How to Get Emotionally Healthy

Seriously, right? We hate shame with a passion and run and hide from it in multiple ways. Our culture seems to run on shame. It is more taboo than talking about sex or drugs. Shame? EWWWW.

However, with courage and passion to show us not just how she got emotionally healthy, Denise blazes for us a trail that we can follow her down. A trail where shame falls off us and we find deep peace.

Three Parts to Becoming Spiritually Healthy

Shame-off You is presented in three sections:

  • Part 1 – Shame’s Foundation
  • Part 2 – Shame’s Impact
  • Part 3 – Overcoming Shame

Shame’s Foundation – A Key to Understanding How to Become Emotionally & Spiritually Healthy

Shame-Off You begins with Denise’s story. It is a heartbreaking, honest tale, in addition to being gut-wrenchingly real. She then transitions gradually into what shame is and how it gets its nasty tentacles deep inside our hearts.

“If shame is not dealt with biblically, it confines and paralyzes us, and keeps us from living the abundant life Christ has for us that is shame free. It was not until I was willing to fully cry out to God that I began to see deliverance of the shame that crushed my soul.

Shame-Off You by Denise Pass

Shame’s Impact – Recognizing How Shame Steals Our Emotional and Spiritual Health

In part two, Denise helps us see the many ways (places and faces) where shame works. In addition, we recognize the costs of shame’s impact on our daily lives and emotional and spiritual health. This hard stuff and takes an open and contrite heart to look honestly upon where shame is impacting you.

“If God accepts us, then no shame in our past can take that away.”

Shame-Off You by Denise Pass

Finally, in part 2, we acknowledge shame’s past in our lives and hearts. Lastly, Denise shows us how our mind is the battlefield where becoming spiritually healthy is fought.

Denise Pass, author of Shame Off You

Overcoming Shame – Emotional and Spiritual Health Requires Getting Shame Off You

“Our identity was never about us in the first place. All our preoccupation with self leaves us bound with shame.”

Shame Off You by Denise Pass

In part 3 of Shame Off You, we become emotionally and spiritually challenged in renewing our identity in Christ alone.

“Shame loses its power when we don’t regard it.”

Shame Off You by Denise Pass

Moreover, defeating shame in a culture that runs on it is no light task. Without a doubt, helping others overcome shame and learning how to not heap shame on others is paramount for our spiritual and emotional health.

I love that Denise takes us full circle from recovery to restoration. From being consumed with shame to recognizing where we ourselves inflict shame.

Indeed, are interested in how to get emotionally healthy, becoming spiritually healthy? This is a book you absolutely do not want to miss. God is so very good, to continue our spiritual and emotional growth and if you made it to the end of this review, this is a book for you.

Thank you Denise Pass for a precious, gold-filled book.

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Please note that this article contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.

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6 thoughts on “How to Get Emotionally Healthy Shame Off You”

    • You will love it and it may help you as you minister to others. We need to get you your own copy – I can’t let go of mine!! <3

  1. This was absolutely great Cate & I went from this one & read many others. I’m thankful for what you are doing for yourself first & for the Body of Messiah especially the daughters of our King. Or is it just women who struggle with these issues? I think not but it must need a male vulnerable & authentic enough to tackle it from a male point of view.

    • Thanks, Caren. I am definitely writing to women and targeting women that struggle in these areas. Though I do know I have a few precious male followers that are able to relate. And yes, I think it is because they are authentic and vulnerable.


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