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A Path to Overcoming Rejection – A Guide to Help Now

How to Overcome Rejection

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Table of contents

Acknowledge the pain

Grieve the hurt

Accept your part

Forgive those who have rejected you (easier said than done).

Recognizing the need to get over a rejection from someone you love takes time and patience with yourself.

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My Utmost for His Highest

You’re in Shock and Profound Pain

Ready to thrive again? Rebound better than ever? Move on from the pain now? Let’s take a look at the path to overcoming rejection.

Where is the path to overcoming rejection? How do you get past the pain? Although overcoming rejection entails many facets, much painful work, and is a very lonely process, you can use this guide to find the path that will help you breathe, adjust and take the first steps to recovery and eventually to a thriving life you never dreamed could be yours!

To get over a rejection, determine now that you are willing to do the work it will take.

What do you mean rejected? Personal, Social, Business or Perceived?


Indeed, this article concentrates primarily on personal and social rejection, the damage and pain caused by it, and how to work through and process the injury. Begin the road to recovery from relationship (all types) rejection here.

If you are looking for a shorter post on the same subject, please try my 17 Essential Elements to Overcoming and Thriving.

Above all, know, you are not alone. Rejection is not a popular subject – for some reason 😉 and you may feel more alone and lost than ever. That’s why I have created this guide. You are not the first to be hit with the overwhelm of having people you love and trust reject you, and sadly you will not be the last. But we can learn how to get past the pain of rejection and betrayal.

How do you get over a rejection?

-Rejection is real and it hurts

-Everyone is rejected at one time or another

-Your hurt is to be expected and needs to be processed

-Rejection is a HUGE opportunity for growth!

-Read on to discover the path to overcoming rejection can be purposeful and meaningful, you can come out with joy and peace!

How do you get over rejection from someone you love?

As mentioned above, rejection comes in many forms. Indeed, not all rejection come from someone we love. But when it does – ouch. There is no pain quite like it.

Rejection from someone you love is overwhelming and heart-breaking. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Forgiving yourself is job number one. This is where deciding to be introspective and honest with yourself can really help. It is not easy to acknowledge our part in rejection. However, it is very important to spend some time with this concept and allow yourself to grow.

In no way should you allow yourself to spiral and turn your hurt inward. But growth come from accepting who we are, what we have done and how we have effected others.

Lastly, you will probably need to spend time understanding forgiveness and finding your way to forgive the one you love who rejected you. Keep reading for practical helps.

How do I stop obsessing over rejection?

When rejection from someone you love happens, it can very easily become a subject your brain and heart give you no peace from.

This is when you must embrace the Biblical principle of taking every thought captive. When you brain is stuck in ruminating over the rejection from someone you love, taking every thought captive can be a difficult task.

However, to overcome rejection Biblically, one must believe you can take every thought captive and be willing to put true effort into the project.

Please, take a moment to read my article with lots of practical help on stopping obsessive thinking, if this is an issue for you.

What does too much rejection do to a person?

Brethren, if anyone is caught in a trespass, you who are spiritual, restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness; each one looking to yourself, so that you too will not be tempted.” 

Galations 6:1

Isn’t this a most interesting verse? Rejection clearly can cause harm and we are admonished to be gentle with one another.

Too much rejection can ruin a life. It can cause suicidal thoughts and actions. It is imperative that we refrain from being harsh with others – regardless of what we see as their faults or sins.

How long does the pain of rejection last?

The pain of rejection, of course, has various levels of severity. Rejection from someone you love is obviously more difficult to overcome, then say rejection from an acquaintance or a co-worker.

I’ve actually read a study that claims eleven weeks is the answer to how long the pain of rejection lasts. That seems a bit light to me. What do you think? Leave me a comment on your thoughts please.

Better than a time bound answer, I believe through personal experience and careful observation that the pain of rejection only begins to ease when we choose to work through it. Self growth and a sense of personal empowerment can become the silver lining in overcoming rejection.

How to Overcome Rejection Biblically?

Christian Strong

While it would be perhaps wishful thinking that following a list could be key in overcoming rejection, the principles are there.

In His Word.

Waiting for us to live them out.

Easy? Nope.

But He did warn us that following Him was not going to be smooth sailing through this fallen world.

How to overcome rejection Biblically?

Emotional Pain Causes Physical Pain – it’s a scientific fact

As such, you may be , physically, and probably spiritually reeling. You may have severe insomnia, panic attacks, unmanageable anxiety, or a host of other issues as a result of the trauma you are enduring.

As Dr. Susanne Babbel states in her article The Connections Between Emotional Stress, Trauma and Physical Pain,

Often, physical pain functions to warn a person that there is still emotional work to be done, and it can also be a sign of unresolved trauma in the nervous system”.

Should You Seek Help for Physical Manifestations from Emotional Trauma? YES!

Equally important to remember, if you are working through sudden, intense, unexpected or otherwise traumatic rejection is that it takes time and you should seek appropriate help for any physical or mental issues that you are dealing with. Talk with your primary care doctor about depression, insomnia, anxiety, and any other reactions your mind and body are going through.

Remember, you may need professional help of various varieties to get through this time – it doesn’t mean you will always need intervention; in time you will find relief and alleviation from the issues. Getting help doesn’t mean you are weak – it means you are choosing to keep putting one foot in front of the other after having been knocked down. You may feel beaten, flat, squashed like a bug….or worse. It’s okay, it won’t last. Allow yourself the help you need to begin living again.

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Rejection is a Real Loss – You Need to Grieve

Rejection is not death, but it is a loss. Often a severe loss. A painful loss. A shocking loss. A loss that shakes the very core of who you are and how you perceive the world you live in.

It can easily zap you of all confidence, you may feel unable or unwilling to trust anyone. Breathe precious F, just breathe. Sometimes, that really is all you can expect of yourself.

Gift yourself the time to grieve what you have lost. It is necessary for your health: emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

I will never start a sentence with “My therapist…”

Shockingly, I have surprised myself many times when I hear myself saying things like “my therapist says…”. My medical doctor was the one that insisted I needed to see a therapist after literally not being able to sleep for 72 hours. I went somewhat begrudgingly, and now a year later, I must say I love therapy!

How often do you get someone’s undiluted attention to talk about whatever you want? It’s pretty awesome. You may think this is an unnecessary component to regaining your health, or you may find it an integral part of finding your way back to life.

Path to Overcoming Rejection

In due time, you will want to read up some on processing loss, in that way, when you find yourself in anger or denial or despair you will be able to recognize that indeed – you are doing the work.

There is only one way to the other side of what you are going through – and it is not around or over or under…it is through it.

Through the pain, the muck, the heartache…but through it, you must go.

For instance, you can begin the work with a Hands-on Project for Helping You Overcome Rejection.

It’s Okay to Need Time to Process Your Pain

Ordinarily, our culture treats happiness as a prerequisite to being labeled healthy. In days past; grief, fear, and other negative emotions were accepted as a part of life here on earth.

Today getting past these emotions quickly is perceived as a requirement and feeling sad or hurt is often labeled as wallowing and even labeled a sin!

In her article, The Happiness Myth Dr. Carolyn Leaf states

“Rather than worrying about what we feel, we should ASK ourselves why we feel this way, or what is the root of our emotion, and how can we work on finding healing”.

You are Not Alone on the Path to Overcoming Rejection

Truly, please know this- at the very core of your heart – I am not a therapist or a psychologist, I am simply a person that has been through the pain of shocking and severe rejection.

I am living on the other side of it today. I am grateful and blessed and better and yes! – happier than ever.

But my heart aches for the pain of those in the beginning throes of dealing with intense rejection.
Reach out through comments or my Contact Me page if you desire prayer or just to verify you really do have company.

You will overcome.

Self-hate? Fear? Crushed?

Yep, there is a good chance you are or will work through each of these overwhelming emotions.

And it is okay. It is often a part of the process. It seems to come with the journey to overcome.

The path to overcoming rejection is not an easy one, but it is incredibly rewarding.

Repentance and Forgiveness – ugh

To clarify, this is a hard element to write about.

Moreover, each and every one of our situations is unique.

Let me just share what I learned and you just take anything helpful to heart and ignore the rest, okay?

Bitterness – Get Away From Me! I Refuse to Allow You Any Part of Me!

In my post, Hands-On Project Help for Overcoming Rejection I share how I became aware of the bitterness growing in my heart and as a response chose to start actively processing my hurt and shock.

Indeed, as a part of this process, I had to begin figuring out how to forgive those who had so callously trashed and my hearts.

And so, I prayed, sought counsel, read and researched about forgiveness.

And God gently brought me to a place where I was able to see, understand and acknowledge my part in their choice to reject my family and me.

For me, forgiving those who had hurt us so deeply was possible only when I was able to repent of my wrongs towards them.

Hence, you may or may not have areas you need to acknowledge. And please understand, acknowledging those areas is between you and God and will be a blessing for you.

He is able to mature you in these places.

But, I warn you, your heartfelt repentance may be ignored or even reviled by those who have cast you off.

The Journey to Overcoming Includes Introspection

It has certainly been so in our case. But the peace I hold in my heart, knowing that I did my part towards reconciliation and restoration is a deep comfort, that enables me daily to rejoice and be free from the toxic bonds we had allowed ourselves to be bound up in.

And so, the more you can feel regret over your sin (whether it has to do with the trauma you are experiencing or other areas of your life) the more sense it will make to you to forgive.

You will often hear that forgiveness is for you, not for your attacker – there is some truth in this, but it is too simplified I believe.

If you are a Jesus/Yeshua follower, you know that forgiveness is of utmost importance if you wish to be forgiven.

Doesn’t make it easy. Just makes it true.

It might take you years, or it might be healing of your heart. Persevere, you will overcome.

In What Does the Bible Say About Forgiveness, Alisa Nicaud shares “It’s amazing what God can accomplish through a person who chooses humility.”

Forgiving Does NOT Mean Things Go Back to What They Were

Boundaries the Key to Dealing with Your Rejector(s) in Real Life!

Furthermore, I implore you – use this opportunity to learn to erect healthy boundaries. Boundaries are a huge part of the healing process and will never be something you regret learning.

Likewise, in her blog post, Setting Boundaries with Toxic People, Sharon Martin states;

“Boundaries make our expectations clear, so others know what to expect from us and how we want to be treated. Boundaries are the foundation for happy, healthy relationships.”

Sharon Martin

In Henry Cloud and John Townsend’s emphatic work, ‘ you will be able to work through the frustrations of dealing with difficult people. And those who have hurt you.

Boundaries are especially important if you have ever felt yourself succumbing to groupthink.

I can forgive you for hurting me, but I struggle to forgive you for hurting my child, my spouse…

Notwithstanding, it’s true, I’m still praying in this area. As I’ve had growth and relief from bitterness, this is an area that nullifies any hope of trust in the future.

But! God can do all things – and if there is ever sincere sorrow from our betrayers – if ever they were to seek reconciliation – I do believe He can do all things. In my heart and theirs. But also, yours too, Friend!

As a side note, just like in a plane going down, you have to put your oxygen mask on first before you can help your loved ones. As a result, you are going to overcome, in part, because of your love for those that are hurting around you.

You will breathe and help them to learn to breathe again also.

Rejection is a real trial, we must figure out how to depend on God to lead us down the path to overcoming.

The Path to Overcoming can be Fraught with Anxiety and Obsessive Thoughts

Sounds like par to the course to me! Remember, you are not alone!

Consequently, it is overwhelming how deeply life-changing severe rejection can be.

Moreover, remind yourself that your reactions are not odd or out of whack – seek help, work the steps, and pray. Finally, don’t ever give up.

You’ll find lots of Resources here on Blessed Reject; some may not speak to you, but some will.

Keep moving forward, I promise, Thriving is coming!

Where the Journey to Overcome Leads

Thriving is in Your Future, and Freedom Too!

Equally important is believing this is true! You’re not a slacker! You’re doing the work! And Friend, it will pay off.

You will look back and know it was worth it. You will have grown and embraced a and better life.

The toxicity of the previous experience will be a thing of the past.

You will have gained wisdom and maturity.

Self Care and Self Discipline: Keys to Healing

Likewise, do you need hope for heart, broken in mind, heart, and soul?
Unsure how to keep moving on?

Self-care is needed – EXTREME self-care – YOU MATTER.

Meanwhile, y growing stronger as you learn to overcome the devastating fallout of rejection. And is where it starts.

Accordingly, here are some areas of self-care to begin embracing today (some may appear shallow, or even silly in light of the pain in your heart – prayerfully consider if a little lightness might be just the thing!).

Overcome the Pain with Self-Care -it is Part of the Journey

City Beauty

To Do List for How to Overcome Rejection Biblically

Every Day Must Do’s of the Journey to Overcome

Above all, please feel heard, please feel known, and please feel cared for in whatever parts of this post speak to your heart. I am praying for you as you begin or continue on your path to overcoming rejection and learning to thrive.

See more resources that are most helpful on your path to overcoming rejection here: Resources

What advice can you add for overcoming rejection? Let us know below.

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