20 Best Wine Gifts for Wine Lovers Curate an Extraordinary Present

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Perfect Gifts for Wine Lovers

There are many different types of wine that come in a variety of tastes, colors, and packaging. You can find a wine that is perfect for anyone as a gift.

Because love and enthusiasm for wine are growing daily and gaining in popularity over other beverages, a custom wine gift basket makes the perfect gift for almost any occasion.

red wine in glass

Most people have become aware of not only the health benefits of various wines, but the enhanced qualities of wine when complimenting almost any meal. Wine right now is at an all-time high on wish lists!

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Curated Wine Gift Baskets, Boxes, or Sets

One reason to give a custom curated wine gift basket to a special friend, family, or business acquaintance, is that red and white wine is an excellent addition to food in general.

In the tradition of European dining, a plate of cheese, bread, and crackers complimented by a fine bottle of wine can make a meal in itself.

An elegant dinner would be flawed without a good red or white wine bottle to compliment the entrÈe.

A Wine Gift Basket Can Make Any Occasion Noteworthy

If you need a gift for a special occasion, like an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, or Chanukah, a wine gift basket with select food items is always a hit.

A gift basket for your wine-lover friends can turn a great dinner affair into something special. For an anniversary, why not include a nice bottle of champagne and a set of champagne glasses in the basket for the celebration?

wine gifts for wine lovers

A Custom Wine Gift Basket for that Personal Touch

There are many fine merchants that provide ready-made food and wine gift baskets, but if you really want to give a gift that is remembered and cherished, why not personalize your gift basket?

A few wine gift basket merchants offer a service that lets you pick and choose what items you want to be included in your gift basket. This allows you to select only those items that you know the recipient of the wine gift basket will enjoy, and therefore, make it more personal. This, of course, will end up being much more pricey than putting it together yourself.

DIY Wine Gift Baskets

The ultimate in personalization is to give a custom wine gift basket with the individual’s name, or special occasion printed right on the label. Even the recipient’s picture, or a company logo, can be added to fit the occasion.

Wine Gift Basket or Wine Gift Box ~ Personalized

Think about hobbies and passions, for example, if the wine basket is going to an avid golfer, add items such as golf balls, tees, divot tools, or golf towels.

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers are Personal

If you know a wine lover, then you know how hard it can be to find the perfect gift for them. With so many different types of wine and wine accessories out there, it can be tough to decide what to get. However, there are a few things that you can keep in mind that will help you pick out the best gifts for wine lovers.

  • Childhood History
  • Adoption Journal
  • Love Story
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Healing Journal
  • Travel Journal
  • Blank Journals
  • Kid’s Journals

Wine Gift Set for the Wine Enthusiast

It is important to think about the type of wine they like to drink. There are many different kinds of wine, ranging from red to white to sparkling. If you are aware of the types of wines they prefer, it will be much simpler to find a gift that they will appreciate. Considering what sort of wine they enjoy is crucial. Knowing their preferred type will make it much easier to find a gift they will love.

Find the Best Wines for Your Wine Basket

When giving wine to someone whose wine tastes are unknown, I find the following varieties to be crowd pleasers, appealing to a wide range of palates.

wine grapes and vine

However, if you don’t know the wine drinker well – I’ve got you covered creatively also…

20 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Uncommon Goods, Corkscrew, Tumbler, Pairing Set, Wine Stopper…

  1. Unusual gold-rimmed, handblown wine glasses set
  2. Marble Wine Chiller
  3. Astound them with this Stemless Wine Glass Chiller
  4. 90 Point Pinot Noir & Charcuterie Board Gift Set
  5. Stunning Wine and Cheese w/Slate Tray Set
  6. Red Wine Gift – Award-Winning Wine Set
  7. Wine and Chocolate Wine Pairing Party Set
  8. Elegant Riedel Horn Wine Connoisseur Decanter Gorgeous Unique $$$
  9. Riedel Chardonnay Glasses Set
  10. Gifts that are sure to Please Unapologetic Wine Moms
  11. Virtual Travel White Wine Collection
  12. Natural Wine Unfiltered Chardonnay
  13. Mom loves wine? Best Mom Glass
  14. Keeps Wine Fresh for Days Wine Saver
  15. Classy Wine Region Art
  16. Yeti Insulated Wine Tumbler
  17. Rabbit Electric Corkscrew
  18. Napa Vineyard Trip for the Wine Lover in Your Life
  19. Wine Chilled – Keep it Cold Insulated Tote & Tumblers Set
  20. Reduce Sulfites Highly Rated Wine Drops – Enjoy Wine Again

Best Gifts for Wine Lovers That Will Be Remembered

The key to making your custom wine gift basket special is to know the likes and dislikes of the person receiving the basket. Does the person have any favorite hobbies or pastimes? If you are not sure, why not ask a mutual friend or family member?

wine barrels and wine gifts

This little extra effort can make all the difference in how the gift is remembered. Why not let the person know that you care by giving them a custom wine gift basket with their favorite items?

Sending a wine gift is considered elegant and reflects upon the thoughtfulness of the sender of the gift. Wine gifts have become a symbol of elite gifting and hence are on the rise. And, of course, we non-wine-snobs love a wine gift also!

Traditional Gift Wines ~ Drink Wine

Traditionaly, four types of vintage wines are considered best for gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, diamond weddings, retirements, and other special occasions. They are Madeira, Armagnac, Sauterne, and Port.

It may be noted that the wines are stored for a long time in special containers in controlled conditions for them to improve or cure and once the bottle is opened it is to be consumed within a day or up to a week depending upon the type of wine.

Gourmet Wine Tote or Basket Ideas

Wine gifts are often given in a wine basket along with lobster or other sea foods depending upon the taste of the recipient.

Buying Gifts Wine Gifts for Wine Lovers

Shipping Wine Gifts

Sending gifts by ground works out much cheaper than sending them by air.

Wine gift deliveries are not made to hospital patients and there are laws in different states on wine gift delivery. Do a quick google search for the state you are shipping to.

What if I don’t know what they like?

When the recipientís wine taste is not known, presenting a wine gift certificate is better as the recipient will choose from an array of wines according to his liking on the company website. There are many websites and companies providing gift certificates and delivery.

There are many wine gifts available in a wide range of costs ranging from under $20 to well over $1000.

Some companies offer label customization the label.

Wine gift baskets are a wonderful gift for all kinds of people and wine lovers will appreciate them, especially if you have shown consideration of their personality, hobbies and passions.

If you are selecting a gift for someone you do not know well, then it is a safe bet that a wine gift basket will be considered a generous and luxurious gift.

Curate a Wine Gift Basket with Wine Glass and White Wine, Red Wine or Sparkling Wine

Wine gift baskets are quite simple to make, but if you give someone a homemade one then they will appreciate the time and thought you have put into it. Just select the things you want to put into the basket, arrange it all in an attractive fashion, and wrap it and tie it nicely with ribbon.

You may need to secure the items before you wrap the basket to make sure they stay in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Check out this easy step-by-step article.

Buying a Wine Gift Basket? include a Wine Subscription, Napa White Wine Collection, Natural Wine, Champagnes Gift or a Wine Bottle Candle

If making a gift basket yourself is too daunting a prospect, then you could purchase a ready-made one. There are lots of companies that sell them some will even let you pick the gifts and make you a basket to order.

I hope this post has given you lots of ideas for creating an amazing wine gift for the wine love in your life!

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