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Hi! I'm Cate!

  • Bereaved Mom
  • Personal Protection Advocate
  • Speaker
  • Podcast Guest
  • Guest Blogger
  • Certified Refuse to be a Victim Instructor
  • Blogger
  • Blessed Reject
  • Mom to Seven
  • Wife to My Best Friend
  • Marmee  to Five

Refuse To Be A Victim® is a two to four hour crime prevention seminar, which provides practical information geared toward awareness and avoidance of criminal confrontation.

Certified instructor, Cate Leach will help seminar participants better understand criminal thinking and provide tips on maximizing home, automobile, telephone, technological, and personal security. 

Participants will also learn information about how to easily and inexpensively create layers of safety in their everyday lives.

Printed material shipped upon registration. Includes Student Workbook.

Moms Who Model

Coming soon!

Becoming the woman you would want your daughter to follow after is not easy. It takes introspection and courage.

We have to be willing to change and have a deep desire to grow.

Something about being motivated to impact our daughters for good is truly inspiring.

That Mama love we hold deep in our hearts is a powerful instigator!

My Story

Blessed Reject has been a healing balm to me over the last several years. It began as an outlet after my family and I suffered a severe and unexpected betrayal. There were days where I could barely breath the pain was so deep.

Betrayal cuts with a sharp knife and it took several years to heal. In some ways I am still healing.

But! Oh the growth! The self-discovery! The amazing journey back to life! I would not trade it for anything.

I have found self acceptance, confidence and awareness. I have gotten over myself in significant areas. 

I have found His joy in repentance and forgiveness.

I hope you find solace if you are struggling. 

Guidance if you are looking.

Hope everywhere.

I am now serving women thru educating, equipping and empowerment in these areas. 

I serve Moms of Daughters through encouraging shoulder to shoulder parenting. Become the Role Model you want your daughter to follow!

Personal Growth

As individuals self-growth comes with intention. The path to honest and genuine growth includes: self-reflection and introspection. Self-awareness, letting go of any victim mindset. Self-acceptance and positive self-belief. And even finding self-confidence and assertiveness.

Mother & Daughter

My heart is with Moms of daughters as they try to raise their daughters to be independence. Our hearts desire to have an impact on our girls - but this is often lost, even as early as the tween years. Through shoulder to should parenting and choosing to become the role model you want for your daughter we heal and grow ourselves and our relationships with our girls.

Personal Protection & Safety

Educating, Equipping and Empowering Women of all ages through Damsel in Defense and Refuse to be a Victim Seminars. Independent Damsel Pro Certified NRA Refuse to be a Victim Instructor

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