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Prepared, not scared

“Empowering & Protecting Your Daughter…as well as yourself”

Cate’s Most Requested Media Topics

  The 3 Keys to Embracing Personal Protection for You and Those Around You

  The Secret to Creating Peace of Mind Through Preparing for the Unthinkable


    Strengthening Ourselves & Our Children to Trust Their Hearts and Build Resilience

 No Cost Self-Defense to Embrace Today

Certified Safety Trainer

recurring guest blogger

Frequent Podcast Guest

Years of experience supporting women

About Cate

Cate Leach is a personal protection advocate and safety trainer, she is the creator of a one-of-a-kind comprehensive women’s self-protection and defense program; easy to implement with life-changing results.

 -She has been featured on various podcasts, stages, and publications.

Coach Cate is the real deal for your audience, passionate,
authentic, and engaging,
Cate delivers high content with a low maintenance experience for you.
A true professional, with a heart to serve.

My Role Model Momming is the ONLY system that offers a path for equipping your daughter to stay safe, for moms who feel that don't have any hope, who are ready to grow themselves and their influence, in an ever increasing violent world.

Coach Cate


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