Welcome to Blessed Reject

The Path to Healing, Forgiving,
Moving On and Thriving,
Better than Before, starts here...

Are you ready to journey past the pain and heartache of rejection to hope and freedom? Devastated and don't know how to keep functioning? Just need a little encouragement?

You entire life can literally change when rejected by a loved one(s). Ready to be brave and disciplined and  turn this pain to blessing? We have to work through the grief and yes, there will be tears and pain and frustration and confusion and so much more. But in the end, this could very well be the best thing that has ever happened to you. It is has been for me!

It takes work to process and grieve. It takes faith to keep hope (it’s perfectly normal if you are feeling hopeless). This storm could be what carries you to the most beautiful place and time your life. We’ll work through the stages of grief here, we will cry here, we will persevere and we will not feel guilty when we realize that now that the weight of that relationship(s) is gone that the release is joyous.

This is your journey and the only way to walk it well, or even at all is hand in hand with our Creator. My heart is with you, it is hard to find joy when your heart has been trampled on. It takes time and it takes processing. Let’s keep our eyes on Him as He guides us. He alone has the answers.


It’s different than you’ve been told.

Learn Self-Care

You need this more than ever.

Moving On

to better than ever, one moment at a time.


for growing past this into who you were always meant to be

I have walked in the pain you are going through. I was frozen and useless to myself and others for quite a while. Then one day, I decided to take this thing on: head-on. I have read and learned more about rejection and it’s very real effects on our hearts, minds and physical health than I ever thought I would know. I have and will continue to share, encourage and work to inspire others as we journey together to better than ever. To be the Women (and Men) He made us to be. Want to know more?