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Cate Leach

Empowering and Protecting Your Daughter, as well as Yourself!


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Podcast guest

Welcome to another episode of UNCHAIN YOUR INNER STRENGTH podcast. A place to help entrepreneurs OWN their unique story, inspire, heal, and make a bigger impact.

This week: All about Women’s protection. Bullying, manipulation, control, how to defend yourself against an attack.

This episode is a very unusual one for our podcast, however, I thought it was a very important topic and one that is not often discussed among entrepreneurs, on and off line bullying and manipulation. When people cross your boundaries and how to handle it.

Podcast guest

Enjoy this episode of Legal Nurse Podcast and Learn How to Ramp Up Your Personal Protection

  • How can you prevent a physical attack before it happens?
  • What role does intuition play in preventing attacks?
  • Is it helpful to appear unafraid of a potential attacker?
  • What physical devices can you use for self-protection?
  • How can you protect yourself at home?

Podcast Guest

Cate Leach from Damsel in Defense joins the podcast to equip, empower and educate us on how to protect ourselves and our families with personal protection tips.

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