Better Every Day

It’s time to role up your sleeves! Kaizen Style!

Ready to Move On? Crush your goals?
Feel good about what you are finally getting done?

Better Every Day takes you step by step from spinning your wheels, procrastinating and pie in the sky goals to genuine, simple, small habits to implement or release. Learn to move on with your dreams without the overwhelm and frustration.

This is it. The system you’ve been waiting for.

You’ve always imagined crushing your goals. Doing what you wish you would. Moving on strong and fierce.

But then… reality.

You want to be confident. Accept yourself as God made you…

You’ve tried everything you can think of to stay consistent with your plans and goals.

You’re starting to feel like you are all alone. How come everyone else can move forward and accomplish what they desire?

Like maybe the way things are right now, maybe that’s your new reality. 

I know the feeling, in fact it wasn’t long ago that I was making plans, starting fresh, trying again, over and over.

I tried every kind of planner and  motivation – I did not want to live in self-defeat.

I felt hope deep down, but the reality was day after day I failed to stick firm to the commitments I made myself. The things I want for myself. The goals and dreams that were worth hard work to me.

Honestly, I needed things to change. I needed to stop biting off more than I could chew. Stop thinking every new week, month or day would make me capable of sticking to my quick fix, I can do it all now dreams. 

Moving on and crushing goals may feel impossible, but it doesn’t have to! I decided that I was going to give it another shot. I wasn’t just going to continue hating myself for failing. I knew that my oversized goals had got me nowhere. I knew that it was too much. So I found a new way of approaching my dreams, goals and To-Do list!

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