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The Journey to Overcoming

Overcoming emotional pain and trauma is difficult and a lot of work for most of us. At Blessed Reject we understand that the journey is not linear.

However there are definite stepping stones we must all work through,
these Cheat Sheets can help with that.

The first reaction to rejection, betrayal or other emotional trauma is shock and confusion. It makes no sense to you and seems unreal. You may even have a period of denial that it is really happening or happened.

Please know, you have suffered a genuine loss. Your loss is real and you need to allow yourself to grieve it. You may be so angry that grieving seems ridiculous, however, grieving is truly an important stepping stone to overcoming your pain.

Although our desire may be to cover up our pain with alcohol, denial or other coping measures – these will not help us to overcome. In fact they will slow the process down immensely and it will take us longer to heal and overcome. Processing your hurt is key to thriving again.

We cover a lot at Blessed Reject: