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Why Must We Die to Ourself?

Why must we die to ourselves? So He can live through us.

Indeed, we know our Saviour asks this of us. We know to die to ourselves is a part of His plan. We even agree it is necessary and good.

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But the pain! The confusion when we don’t connect that dying to ourselves is what we are going through. It can be so bewildering and confusing.

At times, this disorientation is what gets our attention and we realize – ‘oh things are changing’!

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I do not believe dying to ourselves is a once and done deal.

The changes take place over a lifetime of living for and with God. With every change and phase of maturity, we die to little more of ourselves. HalleluYah!

“… if we allow God to shape and define our worth, we are free to empty ourselves without the fear of losing ourselves…”

Die to Yourself without Losing Yourself

As we move through our life abiding with Messiah, we can see ourselves transitioning from one place to another, from one phase to the next.

We must hold tight to where our true identity lies – our this dying to ourselves can leave us feeling a little lost, as we persevere in becoming more like Him and less like ourselves!

More often than not, we are blessed by the transitions and growth He wrought inside and outside us. For, example if part of my identity has been timidness, but now I am confident – it can be a bit shocking.

However, the wonder when we recognize the shift happening in our heart is from Him – it is a spectacular moment! When something happens you have prayed for, perhaps emotional or spiritual healing – we begin to recognize the new self – He is creating.

We die to Ourself and Become Who He Created Us to Be

Saying goodbye to ‘the old man’ or former self may feel both odd and exhilarating. As our new identity emerges we realize we are in the process of becoming who He made us. We recognize the butterfly emerging. Our rebirth.

We become weak, He becomes strong.

This surrender, this giving over to the refining process, the letting go of who we were to become who we are can flow with gratitude and love.

Moreover, if we surrender to this process, choosing to die to ourselves, we can embrace with joy this new adventure, a new phase of life.

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The new you!

Please note that this article contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.

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