How Does Mindset Affect Weight Loss?

Does Mindset affect weight loss?

How does mindset affect weight loss?

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Indeed, it does, with this issue – one step forward, two steps backDon’t Let One Slipup Sabotage You!!

Don’t throw away the day if you mess up and eat something you shouldn’t.

Like me, you’ve probably done this dozens of times. 

Female brain mindset

You commit to a new healthy lifestyle, and things are going well. You’re eating right, working out, and then in a moment of weakness, you slip up and indulge in some very unhealthy overeating.

Now, this is not good, but by itself, it’s not that big of a deal. It’s what typically happens next that makes this such a dangerous pitfall.

After a diet slip up, the most common reaction is to write off the whole day and gorge nonstop. 

Sometimes one slip up can derail your whole diet and lead to weeks or months of binge eating.

Don’t do this!

We all give in to cravings. Don’t beat yourself up over this. But please don’t use this as an excuse to eat nonstop for the rest of the day and make yourself feel better by telling yourself this is your “cheat day”.

Be strong. Acknowledge that you shouldn’t have broken your diet and finish the day by eating healthy.

You can also consider training yourself to put in an extra 1/2 hour of exercise every time you slip up or eat extra healthy for the next 24hrs.

Cheat Meals: Why You Should Avoid Them – They Affect Our Mindsett

After going all day eating clean and even getting a little exercise, you might find yourself thinking, “I deserve a little reward.” 

After all, a can of soda, some fast food, a bowl of chips won’t hurt, right? 


“Every moment of every day, your brain and body are physically reacting and changing in response to the thoughts that run through your mind—your mindsets add “flavor” to your thoughts, making your brain and body work for you or against you. And because you control your mindsets—they are not some preprogrammed function—it’s you that is actually making your brain and body work for you.”

Dr. Carolyn Leaf

You see, fat loss, especially for people who gain weight easily, requires you to enter a state of ketosis where your body switches over to burning stored fat for fuel rather than calories you consume.

That can take 2-4 days.

So you can see how a couple of cheat meals a month can be a significant setback to your weight loss efforts.

The solution is to find a healthy diet that you can live with NOT to torture yourself for a few days then reward yourself with a cheat meal.

Becoming A New You

Some of this you already know but need to be reminded of because it’s been proven to work time and time again.

How Does Mindset Affect Weight Loss?

Write Down What You Eat

You have to identify the problem before you can fix it. Writing down or using apps to track what you eat helps you find the weak spots in your diet.

Fresh Veggies for how mindset affects weight loss

A lot of people don’t honestly believe they overeat. We are convinced it’s slow metabolism, thyroid issue, or some other problem making us gain weight.

When you write down everything you eat, you can identify and eliminate the problem foods sabotaging your weight loss efforts. 

Don’t eat anything you don’t know the nutritional count on?

When you track what you eat, you should also make a note of the nutritional count of the foods you eat. Should, could, would. I really hate this advice. Though I know studies back it up as true. So the fact that this annoys me, does that affect my mindset, and therefore my weight loss efforts?

How Does Mindset Affect Weight Loss Efforts?

You need to know the calories, fat, protein, and net carbs of everything you eat. Seriously? So much work, so little freedom in this advice.

Some of us may find we are more sensitive to carbs and need to be stricter about avoiding them. The only way you can find that out is by tracking everything and seeing which foods make you lose weight and which foods make you gain weight. Or pay attention to how excess carbs make you feel bad, bloated and low energy.

If you don’t know the nutritional count of food – don’t eat it. Nice rule, hard to follow.

Focus: Getting In The Right Frame Of Mind – Because Mindset Does Affect Weight Loss

Right now, we’re probably eating way more than we need to be physically satisfied.

The good news is that it’s possibly a small number of foods are keeping us from losing weight.

Tracking what you eat will help you identify those foods, then you need the mental power to break your addiction to them. So easy, right? Just fix our mindset! We can utilize Kaizen style small habits here to implement some of this.

There are some advanced techniques that make that possible…

 They are:

  • Breaking your emotional connection to food
  • Habit stacking
  • Balancing your gut microbial
  • Utilizing mood enhancers
  • And managing your expectations so you can set realistic weight loss goals

The Choice Is Yours: Are You Willing To Change? Am I?

Decide Right Now – Are you one of the millions who simply want to lose weight, or are you one of the few who’s willing to do something for the body you desire?

Let’s get brutally honest with each other right here and now.

Do you know what the average person who successfully conquered their weight loss demon goes through? They do whatever it takes to become a new person.

We all want to discover the magic pill or breakthrough diet that melts away fat without us having to do a thing. 

Believe me, there’s not a person on this earth who wishes something like that existed more than me. 

Sadly, it doesn’t, but it takes the average dieter years to admit this to themselves. Some never do! 

We jump from diet to diet – pill to pill – gadget to gadget. And as the years slip away we find ourselves stuck with the same body.

Do you want to spend years searching for the holy weight loss grail that doesn’t exist, or do you want to start shedding pounds of fat starting today?

Almost every person who successfully loses weight and keeps it off goes through a period of self-delusion where they go from one weight loss scam to the next, hoping to find the “one that works”. 

Then after years of disappointment, years which they could have enjoyed having the body they fantasize about, and a small fortune – they reach a tipping point. 

tape measure for mindset

A moment of clarity, an eruption of personal power where they get so damn fed up with how they look and being lied to by the weight loss industry that they do what needs to be done and stop being fat.

How Does Mindset Affect Weight Loss?

It all starts with fixing your mindset, so you’re no longer sabotaging yourself. Self-sabotage is the enemy here. And that is a mindset based issue. Does mindset affect weight loss?

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