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Extreme self-care for beginners? What’s that? Extreme sports are all the rage, right? Let’s make extreme Self-Care our new sport! Indeed, it could really help with the emotional pain you are enduring? There is something so enticing about the idea!

Personally, any self-care above the bare-bones minimum seemed a bit extreme to me. Sure, I’d put a little extra thought into my grooming for an important event – like a fancy night out or a wedding or some ‘excuse’. Now, I am stumped as to why I felt the need for an excuse to take good care of myself. Alas, I am embarking on my own journey of ‘extreme self-care.”


Often, we women are so busy caring for others that any self-care seems extreme, or selfish at the least. We care for our children, our spouse, our friends, our parents, our co-workers, pretty much everyone comes before us.

I was Wrong – extreme Self-Care Needed!

After all, is said and done, I realized – not doing self-care is really what is selfish. Ignoring our own needs and desires is not noble, it is simply foolish.

Rocking extreme self-care is for your healing and health – you will absolutely thrive in every caregiving role you choose if you take the time to ‘indulge.’

Absolutely, you have put time and effort into you first, through self-care in whatever extreme or non-extreme needed.

My Idea of extreme Self Care May Not the Same as Yours!

More than likely, most of you are ahead of me in this game. I’m a slow learner and just grasping these truths. I mean, intellectually, sure the above-made sense to me. But in my heart? Nope.

Assuredly, whether you are a pro at extreme self-care or a beginner like me; self-care is an absolute necessity if you have been hurt in an overwhelming way.

Moreover, when reeling from emotional hurt, the simple acts of showering, getting out of bed or just breathing can feel impossible. Indeed, you may need to take a conscious look at your routines and make sure you are embracing the healthy habits of taking care of yourself. At times of deep emotional pain, meeting your simple daily needs can feel as if you are performing extreme self-care.

Healing Help for Overcoming Emotional Pain

Initially, you need a path back to the land of the living, a way of rebuilding your life. This is the silver lining in the pain you are going through. This is where and when and how to find the light at the end of the dark space. But, why bother? Why go through all the work when you feel so devastated and sad?

A trail back to life may include the following practices:

Extreme Self-Care for Healing; Mind, Body and Soul Care

Let’s start with our Mind and Brain. These are the key players in getting past the overwhelm of emotional pain and bewilderment.

I tend towards obsessive thinking – it gets old and boring fast. Through Dr. Carolyn Leaf’s 21 Day Detox program and her books in the Switch on Your Brain series, I have come to embrace and live out the Biblical concept of taking captive every thought. Our minds need to be in charge of our brains.

Switch On Your Brain: The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking, and HealthSwitch On Your Brain Every Day: 365 Readings for Peak Happiness, Thinking, and HealthSwitch On Your Brain Curriculum Kit: The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking, and HealthSwitch On Your Brain Workbook: The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking, and Health


Recently, I realized that by turning every thought to for my enemies (as has been my practice) I was still giving them space in my brain that I simply can’t afford to give them any more. So, yes, I still pray for them, but in a more generic, less personal way. My mind is teaching my brain what I can and cannot handle.

Extreme Self-Care Includes Allowing Your Emotions Their Due

Additionally, as you process your heart and mind back to health and move into better than before, you can’t stuff your feelings. Wish you could. You can’t.

Consequently, even when you try to ignore those difficult emotions, you’re still feeling them, just in a less healthy way. Quiet your mind, notice what physical reaction your body is having to what you are feeling. Remember to keep your mind in charge (as opposed to your brain), without ignoring your feelings. Acknowledge your emotions, reassure them that you hear them.

Get Outside Help if Needed

As I talked about in my post “How to: A Powerful Path Past the Pain of Rejection” sometimes these dark periods of grief and shock are too much to handle without some outside help. Don’t be afraid of getting help now so you can thrive later.

Extreme self-care you can hone in on that will dramatically improve your life, including your moods, emotions, joy, and energy:

Sleep and the Art of extreme Self-Care

Sleep – there is quite a bit of wonderful information, ideas and helps regarding sleep health and protocols. Such a simple, yet complicated thing. Seek what you need, but put this stepping stone at the beginning of your recovery plan. Valerian Root, Hey Girl Sleep Tea, comfortable earplugs, routines, amber light bulbs – they’ve all been helpful to me in my quest for a restful night’s sleep after falling prey to debilitating insomnia during the first several weeks after my trial/loss began.

Herb Pharm Relaxing Sleep Herbal Formula with Valerian Liquid Extract – 4 OunceBedtime Tea for Stress and Anxiety Relief – Herbal Sleep Aid Remedy to Relax & Get Restful Sleep at Night | with Valerian Root Extract, Chamomile and Lemon BalmPQ Small Earplugs for Sleep – Ear Plugs for Sleeping That Don’t Hurt Your Ears! Ear Plugs Sleep – Noise Cancelling Earplugs for Sleeping 32 dB – PQ Ear Plugs for for SnoringAmber Light Bulbs, Bedroom Night Light Bulb A15 3 Watt-25 Watt SONSY Home Non-Dimmable Equivalent LED Light Bulb Warm Night Light, Yellow Color Bulbs for Bedroom, E26/E27 Base (2 Pack) (Blue)Sleep Mask, Voluex 3D Contoured Sleeping Eye Mask & Blindfold with Breathable Memory Foam for Men/Women/Kids, 100% Blockout Light Grey Eye Cover with Anti-Slip Adjustable Strap for Travel/Naps


We Know Fitness Matters – Let’s Do it!

Next, let’s talk about fitness, nothing new, you know you need it, you know it helps with depression, you know you feel better when you do it.

Yet, somehow it is one of the most difficult things to stick with. Can we reach new levels of fitness by combining new understandings about Self-Discipline through Martin Meadow’s work and joining Healthy Moving, which is a lovely gentle program that brings health and healing to your body (like nothing I have experienced before).

Consistency is key when it comes to extreme self-care. Especially physical fitness. When you think about how often you engage in it, even if you could name 10 times this month that you did something good for yourself (which is a stretch, because most people can’t), it’s still not enough.

Simple Self-Discipline Box Set (6-Book Bundle)5 Best Yoga Poses For DepressionSerenilite 3X Hand Therapy Exercise Stress Ball Bundle – Tri-Density Stress Balls & Grip Strengthening – Therapeutic Hand Mobility & Restoration – Soft, Medium, Hard (Cloud, Sea Breeze, Titanium Set)Exercise for Mood and Anxiety: Proven Strategies for Overcoming Depression and Enhancing Well-BeingAccessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve: Self-Help Exercises for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and Autism


Physical fitness (extreme) self-care is something that should be an on-going, day-to-day process you implement faithfully. Without a doubt, it helps you wake up feeling ready to face the day and go to bed feeling satisfied and content.

If you’re not consistent, then stress and anxiety seep into your life and make it virtually impossible to handle all of the tasks you’re responsible for on a regular basis. 

Manage Your Energy with Meditation

Moreover, we are ofter told that the first way to improve your mental self-care is by meditation.

However, I’ve tried before, but I just never ‘got’ it.

Using the Headspace app is a wonderful, simple, easy way to learn and understand meditating. You will be able to daily, with ease, incorporate this essential element into your healing habits. There are other good meditation apps , find one that clicks for you.

Keep in mind that one solution that works for someone else might not work for you, so don’t be afraid to try multiple options and see what helps you in your current situation the best.

But isn’t Mediation Eastern Religion?

People often mistake meditation for something spiritual or religious, but it doesn’t have to be. As a believer, I know who my Maker is and if a ‘light’ or ‘higher power’ is referred to – I know who I am about.

Sometimes, mediation is just a way for you to take your mind off of things, like letting the steam get released from a pressure cooker of stress. 

Mediation essentially involves sitting comfortably in silence, not thinking of anything at all, and just letting your body sit still. You probably will want to close your eyes in order to prevent yourself from being distracted. 

When it comes to improving your mental health, there are plenty of options that you can follow in order to feel a lot better. One might work better than the other, or some might work equally as well for you. But, the point is to find the relief and help you need.

The Art of Grooming for Confidence & extreme Self-Care

I have embraced Make-up as a creative outlet. Having never really having worn any makeup beyond the bare minimum (and that was what I learned back in high school)! I even read some books (my favorite: Face with a Heart: Mastering Authentic Beauty Makeup) and watched several tutorials. It has been a satisfying and confidence-building hobby, funny thing is, my family can’t see a difference! But I can – and I count!

Face with A Heart: Mastering Authentic Beauty MakeupEveryday Makeup Secrets: Tips for Choosing the Best Makeup for Your Unique Features (Idiot’s Guides)Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success–Online and Off


Eight Helps to Do extreme Self-Care Right Now

New Clothes- New Hair- New You?

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extreme Self-Care includes a Fresh Outfit!

Additionally, as simple as this sounds, fresh new starts can do wonders for regaining your confidence. Moreover, as you begin to embrace life again you will be a new you. You’ve been hurt, shot down, trampled on and over. You’ve been betrayed, rejected, tossed aside. Hey, that’s on them – you take care of you.

Next, go to the salon, get a mani/pedicure, a fresh hair cut. Or better yet, save some money and try my new favorite, an easy but lovely cheat for beginners like me or busy women like you – Color Street. I absolutely love how long it lasts, how easy it is to apply and just how beautiful I feel when my nails appear professionally done.

Whether you go to the local thrift store or use ThreadUp (online personal shopper the thrifty way), go to the mall or my favorite StitchFix – allow yourself the luxury of a few new articles of clothing that make you feel good in your skin. Update: I have discovered Nadine West which is a terrific alternative to StitchFix, their prices are less pricey – though the personal shoppers do not seem to be quite on par with their StitchFix counterparts- still I have had some great finds through them.Worth checking out. From your couch. Or a chair. Back patio?

Extreme Self-Care is Not Selfish – it’s the opposite!

On ntrary, the pain you are currently enduring is an opportunity for a fresh slate in your life. Use this time to become who you were meant to be.

Who you could’ve been had you not be in that toxic relationship(s). I know you’re hurting, I know several of the above ideas may seem ridiculous, shallow or just silly compared to what you are going through.

They are and they aren’t. Try to bundle a bunch of them together and see how it feels. After all, anything to get your mind and heart on something else!

extreme Self-Care to Overcome and Thrive, Better Than Ever

Self-care is a big component of the journey to overcoming and thriving again. At last. our goal is to arrive at BETTER THAN EVER!

What are your best self-care tips for overcoming emotional devastation?


Coincidently, I knew in the back of my head there was a book that had a title something similar to Extreme Self-Care. I finished this post and had a half-hour drive ahead of me (by myself – I love utilizing this alone time to listen to audiobooks). So I thought, hmm, I should see what that book is like, I downloaded The Art of Extreme Self-Care: Transform Your Life One Month at a Time and guess what? I love it! If the first half is any indication -this will be a most helpful book, especially for any of us that tend to be controlling 😉

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